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DreamV GO : Close soon !

About DreamV 
You may think their
japanese website is easier to browse. I'll be agreeing with you. Interesting fact : you can browse on the japanese website, have a look on a item like that one .  At the end of the url, there is a number, which is 503051. You go on any item from DreamV Rakuten Borderless Store, you replace the item number by the one you are interested from the Japanese one and ta-da !

When does the GO closes ?
New items size/colors may sold out pretty quickly. It specially true white white footwear, garters-stocking and some good sellers items. Please, remember it.
The GO will close on Tuesday, March 1st, at 11:59 PM, EST (GMT -5).
You are expected to have paid the invoice by Thursday, March 3th, at 11:59 PM, EST  (GMT-5)
Don't disappear. If don't want anymore to order, just tell it. It is disrespectful toward everyone when you let everyone waiting for you. Maybe you feel bad to tell it, but you should be more shameful if you just pretend that "Anyways, it's not big deal." Please.

Is there a buying limitation ?
No, but let's try to not order more than 500$ since my credit card doesn't take more than it, as it is a student visa card.
I do not order thigh high boots since they use a box almost as big as me if you order it. No, they don't just fold it, they even stuff if to be sure that it will stay beautiful. But they put that box in another bigger box and let boots box feel like a bingo ball when the bingo girl has to chose a ball. I would rather to not order bulky coat neither but if you wish, you can order it. And the coat might feel itself like a bingo ball too since folding seems be not an option in the land of origami.
I do not order cream/make up.

How it works (to order)
I am not gonna be original on that one. Please, use this form to let me know your order in comment and not on my contact address as it is easier for everyone to keep track of everything if it is on the same page, right ?

   LJ name :
   Contact Email :
   Paypal address :
   Item # (remember that number in the url ? that's the very one)
   Color(when applicable) :
   Size (when applicable) :

Please repeat the last three as much as needed. If I need to know something, like a second choice on a item, please add it. Usually, DreamV stock is the one you see. If you item is not in stock and you didn't tell me a second choice, I will refund you if you had only one item or I will use it like a credit for the shipping (+ refund if I still own you money).

If you are interested to participate or getting more info, click here to go on the EGL_group_order page !

Feedback here : EGLFB
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