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DS: 2 dresses and some other things

 My EGL feedback:
Feedback in Personal Journal:
~Paypal only!
~Items ship from Ohio
~U.S. buyers preferred
~The clothes are smoke free. I do have 5 cats, but I don't let them near my clothing, especially lolita clothing.

The White Peacock Pink OP: $45 SOLD

This dress is extremely comfortable and airy. I also has a white waist sash as shown in the second picture. But unfortunately, it isn't my style. So I've only tried it on. It's shirred and pretty stretchy, so it can fit a wide range of sizes.
Measurements: Waist: around 26"-34"
                             Bust: 32"-40"

Offbrand Kitty Cutsew: $5

Girl's Extra Large/Women's small

TRIPP RED Leopard print dress: $50

For a long while I was really into punk lolita. I wore this dress twice. It looks great with a black blouse and black rockinghouse shoes. Also, the straps are detachable(:
Measurements: Waist: 25"-28"
                             Bust: 32"-36"

Offbrand Star Earrings: $4
I actually have 2 sets of these, so I'm selling the extra set.

Handmade Ice Cream Popsicle Necklace: $7

Thanks for looking!


Tags: !ds, handmade, indie brand, offbrand

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