nana_miwi (nana_miwi) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB R-series JSK

Hi ♥ I want to buy this -> JSK from R-series. It's my dream dress, I am really sad it's not a famous brand and it's out of stock forever ;~; I tried contacting R-series and it seems they ran out of fabric, so the only way for me to get it is buying used. I really hope I find it on my size. (QutieLand size is M). I am also buying larger sizes, as I can fix them to fit me :)
I am willing to pay 100$ (USA dollars) for it shipped. But if you think it's not a fair price, please make an offer.

Edit: Also buying this OP ->
In yellow with Ice Creams ONLY.

My feeback page:

Thanks for reading and helping a desperate lolita to find her dream dress ♥

(I tried doing that LJ cut thing on my post, but I am not sure it worked :/ Dunno if I did wrong,if so, someone please correct and show me the right way to do.
Tags: !wtb, r-series
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