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DS: Closet Cleaning~

Prices do not include shipping. I usually ship within 2 business days.

Fan+Friend Blouse: $16

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Bust 34" max
Waist 26" max (it will gape at 27)
The sleeves are meant to go past your hands when worn. There are no flaws at all~ I'm selling it because I don't fit the waist anymore.

Retroscope Fashion High-Waisted Skirt: $37

Back | Stock image
Waist 26" min 30" max
There is no sign of wear except for the tag. It's lined and made of thick cotton (thicker than bodyline/F+F). Cord isn't pictured, but will be included.

Bodyline off-white shoes: $15

Back | Scuffs | Stock image
Size: 23.0
I love these, but they are too big for me ;_;. I do not have the ankle straps. Sold out on bodyline's website.

Offbrand brown ankle boots: $30 New with tag

Side | Side | Sole/tag
Size: US 7 (my measurement is about 24 cm)
Heel 2.5"
Synthetic leather boots. Great for classic! Was a gift, but not my size Dx

Offbrand midcalf boots: $45 New with tag

Side | Side | Sole/tag
Size: US 7 1/2(my measurement is about 25.5 cm)
Heel 3"
Real leather "upper and sole." Sole and inside are a dark red color~ Was a gift, but not my size Dx

Offbrand Rose Purse $6.75

Top | Stock image
Length 10"/Height 4.5"/Thickness 1.5"
This purse closes magnetically, and comes with a strap inside. It's only been used for about an hour.
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