Charlotte Charms (charlottecharm) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Charlotte Charms

DS//DT : everything needs to go!

my feedback

paypal only, no e-checks

priory goes to whomever leaves their paypal first
will hold for up to 1 week with 30% non-refundable deposit
no international buyers at this time
can meet up with SoCal Lolita's
i ship out within two monday's of your payment (three if you buy friday-sunday)
i will ship as cheaply as possible unless you ask for add ons (tracking, insurance, etc)
you are responsible for paypal fees
i can change rules at any time

i need this stuff gone, make me an offer it will most likely be accepted. this stuff needs to go now!
more photos available to serious buyers only.

:!: please note :!:
the wigs do fit in $5 flat rate boxes/envelopes but are in very tightly. this doesn't matter much for the straight/short/wavy ones, but for the curly ones they need to be fluffed out again if shipped this way. they fit better in $10 boxes.

i am open to trades, boystyle and Gothic are all i'm looking for right now. show me what you have and leave your feedback in a post please


Moi-meme-Moitie Logo Cross Rose Knee Socks

my photo | detail 1detail 2
the Moitie logo on the sole of the foot is rubbing off as seen in the photo, other wise no flaws at all
price : $30 OBO
shipping : $5

Anna House Black Short Sleeved Blouse
only worn once, bows are detachable
size : small
price : $35 OBO
shipping : $5

Bodyline Pink Short Sleeved Blouse
brand new never worn
size : Medium
price : $25 OBO
shipping : $5

FanPlusFriend Black and White Skirt

only worn a few times
size : free-size, elastic waste band
price : $35 OBO
shipping : $10


Strawberry and Cream Blended Gothic Lolita Wig
my photo
only tried on, never worn
price : $60 OBO
shipping : $5 or $10

Black Curly Wig

full size | side | back
never worn, only tried on. is a true true black.
price : $40 OBO
shipping : $5 or $10

Blonde Wavy Wig

worn | side | back | color
price : $40 OBO
shipping : $5 or $10
Asymmetrical Kodona Wig
full size | side | side 2 | backcolor
price : $35 OBO
shipping : $5

Dark Chocolate Brown Wig

full sizeside | back | color
price : $35 OBO
shipping : $5


Deck of Cards Hand Made Purse

full size | inside
price : $20 OBO
shipping : $10 (i am not sure if this will fit int he $5, if it fits inside the $5 i will refund you)

Bow Shaped Purse

full size
price : $20 OBO
shipping : $5
Tags: !ds, !dt, anna house, bodyline, fanplusfriend, handmade, moi-meme-moitie
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