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!DS: Bodyline

Here is my feedback page:

The prices listed for these items do not include shipping fees. If you are interested in knowing the cost to ship an item/items, please comment on which item(s) you are interested in and provide your zip code if you live in the US, or city and country if you live elsewhere. I will check the shipping cost at the post office and reply to your comment within 2 days. I’d prefer to do this so I don’t have to worry about charging someone too much for shipping and refunding the extra money.

Bodyline red and white 3 piece dress set: new with tag
Note: the 2 small bows on the collar and the long white sleeves are detachable.

Bust: 92 cm/36 in (can be made larger with shirring)

Waist: 68 cm/27 in minimum, 98 cm/38.5 cm maximum

Shoulder width: 36 cm/14.25 in

Sleeve length: 62 cm/24.25 in (measured with detachable long white sleeves attached)

Shirt length: 42 cm/16.5 in

Skirt length: 53.5 cm/21 in

Price: $25


 Off-brand red and black headdress and wrist cuffs set: new with tag

Price: $3

Tags: !ds, bodyline

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