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DS: Meta Royal Frame, Innocent World, Alice Temperley and Offbrand Goodies

Dear all
Please read the following:
1. Priority goes to buyer who sends paypal email first, for payment in full. Trades not preferred, sorry! Holds are ok if a deposit of 40% of item price is put down immediately.
2. Please pay on invoice promptly as invoices sent will expire in 24 hours after sending and the next in line will be contacted.
3. Buyer bears 4.3% paypal fee as I have a premier account. I was forced to upgrade to a premier account after hitting a sending limit one year and I could not operate the account otherwise. But all payments coming in are automatically deducted for paypal fees and I have no choice, sorry! ALL PRICES EXC SHIPPING AND PAYPAL FEES.
4. EGL Feedback page:

Shipping is from the UK, £3.00 for one item, £5.50 to EU, £7.50 to rest of the world. IW handkerchief alone will be shipped GBP1.00 to the UK, GBP2.50 to the EU and GBP3.50 to rest of the world.

1. Metamorphose Royal Frame Burgundy Red Bustle Skirt (sold)

This skirt is gorgeous but bustle is not quite my style, hence selling. The print is intricate, and colour is more of a burgundy red (purplish hue). The bustle is made of chiffon and gives an elegant silhouette. Excellent condition, no visible flaws or stains. Waist measures 25-28 inches/63-71cm  and length is  23.5inches/59cm.

back view


This is part of a tote set that I bought but I have no use for this. Brand new and totally unused. The colour is beige, with a delicate ribbon and rose pattern. Measures 18.5 inches x 18.5 inches or 46.5cm x 46.5cm.

3. Offbrand Pink Jacket (GBP28.00)

This is a pink felt-type jacket, 100% cotton, could go with sweet coords or otome style coords. It is in excellent condition, all buttons original, fully lined and no visible flaws or stains. Measures underarms 35 inches/89cm, length of sleeve is 24 inches/61cm, length of jacket is 27 inches/68cm from top of shoulder to hem, waist measures max 30 inches/76cm.

waist detail
4. Alice Temperley Pink x crochet Skirt (sold)

This is a breathtaking rose pink full skirt, cut for luxurious silky fullness and fully lined. The silhouette is very full, and it is of such quality.... but I am ridding my wardrobe of pink as far as possible. The crochet details on waist and hem are beautiful. Waist measures 30 inches /75cm thereabouts, length is 26 inches/66cm. This is a mainline Temperley skirt, NWT, and retails for £594. I got it as a present, and the tags are still there as I have never worn it.

label and tags

Thanks for looking!
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