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!WTB: Black cutsews, white blouse, wristcuffs, shoes, jewelry, and more!

Hi ladies!

I'm looking for some pieces to complete several outfits that I've got laid out all nice and pretty in my head :3 I'm rather new to the comm, so if you notice that something I'm looking for is listed on an online shop somewhere or something similar, please let me know! I'm also extremely picky and on a strict budget, so please don't be offended if I don't take you up on something that you offered ;_;

On to the list!

Specific items

I am looking for:

- Black cutsews with hot pink or silver designs on them, fitting a 32" bust and 28" waist (82 cm bust, 72 cm waist)

- A white / kinari / ivory short-sleeved blouse fitting the same measurements as above. Blouses that include waist ties are highly preferred! No sheer blouses, please.

- Coats in neutral colors, such as black, cream, or beige, fitting the same measurements as above.

- All white and all black wristcuffs (colored ribbons may be ok, wristcuffs with charms are preferred). Because I'm weird, the bow on the wristcuffs MUST be made of a ribbon of some sort; I don't like bows that are made of the same lace as the rest of the wristcuff. Please note that I'm even pickier than usual about my wristcuffs, so don't take it personally if I say no D:

- White classic lolita shoes fitting a U.S. womens size 6.5 - 7. Must have a heel of at least 2 inches.

- An umbrella / parasol, preferably in white / ivory / black. Due to shipping costs, I'm mostly looking to get this by in-person pickup from one of the lolitas in the SFBay area.

- Earrings and rings in predominantly silver, black, navy, dusty pink, or with an antique gold finish. I'm willing to look at brand and handmade, but please don't offer offbrand.

- Hair clips in predominantly silver, black, navy, ivory, or dusty pink. No mini-hats, anything else goes.

- Black bolero that ties under the bust, or a black shrug. Must fit 15" shoulders.

General items:

- Skirts. I am an extreme sucker for skirts ._. Must fit a 28" (72 cm) waist.

- Black and white items. I am also an extreme sucker for black and white (you can imagine that I've got several black x white skirts =P )

- Navy-colored items. I love the color navy, but my lolita wardrobe is strangely lacking in it, so I would like to remedy this :3

Brands that I am fond of:

I am willing to pretty much look at any brand/offbrand items (unless stated otherwise), but to give an idea of what I like:

- Putumayo (!!)

- H.Naoto brands, to some extent (absolutely love some pieces, completely baffled by some others)

- Baby the stars shine Bright
, Alice and the Pirates

Definitely not interested in:

- Socks. Yes, I'm weird.

- Handmade items (jewelry is an exception). Don't have the budget for them at the moment, sorry!

My feedback is here.

Thanks in advance! <3
Tags: !wtb, any brand, baby the stars shine bright, h.naoto, putumayo

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