snowfinite (snowfinite) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: mint.

hello dear community =] 

i recently got one of my dream pieces in the mail, ddh salopette in mint ♥! however, i realized i have very little mint in my wardrobe, despite it being my favorite color. if anyone can bring an injection any mint that would match, that would be wonderful!

i'm comfortable buying some things since i just made a sale, but i'm still working within a budget (as i'm on a payment plan for another piece). please keep that in mind as you offer! i'm interested primarily in 

- OTKs
- hair accessories
- jewelry
- shooze (7.5-8 US)
- bags

and the like ^^

the only things i currently have to trade for are [ here ], but i plan on putting up (for the future) a KKJJ petti, a pink curly wig, a floral summer bustle OP (in white) + relisting my IW pink ribbon JSK due to a non-paying buyer. also, since i tend to travel between two main residences (my place, and my friends'), please allow some time for additional pictures, information, etc.

thank you!

of course, my feedback is here.
Tags: !wtb, any brand
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