kayleighcupcake (kayleighcupcake) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Tea Party Replicas

This is my first WTB post so please bear with me . . .
I am looking for a pair of tea party replicas, I would love AP ones, but sadly can not afford them, so please don't tempt me by offering them ><
I am looking for them in sax, lavender, or mint. (note that i can only afford to buy one pair right now!) I believe I need size M or whatever would fit a US size 7. (i have a friend who is also interested in a pair, so if they are larger offer them anyhow!) My spending limit is about $60 (including shipping?) It all depends on the quality of the shoes. I really want them in nice condition with minimal to no scuffs.

Here is my Feedback!
Please have pictures available to show me! :D

Tags: !wtb, offbrand
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