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DS/DT Angelic Pretty's Royal Poodle & Meta's Swan Border coat for sale or trade! ALL SOLD!

This jacket is in perfect condition with no stains, flaws or odors as far as I’m aware.

It does come with:

·         Waist ties

·         Detachable lace around the cuffs

It does not come with the removable collar.

Price: Please make an offer as I really don’t know how much to ask for?

U.K. shipping: Signed for £6.00 (or I am happy to do local pick-up :)

Overseas shipping: Tracked/signed for £14.00



Proof/worn:  http://i45.tinypic.com/idadk5.jpg 


This dress is in perfect condition however it never came with the waist ties. SOLD THANK YOU!

 Price: Please make an offer as I really don’t know how much to ask for?

U.K. shipping: Signed for £6.00 (or I am happy to do local pick-up)

Overseas shipping: Tracked/signed for £14.00



Proof/worn:  http://i54.tinypic.com/11rbs7l.jpg





Ebay feedback can be found here: http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/pretty-geisha
EGL feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/479596.html
Journal Feedback: http://porcelain-ponys.livejournal.com/2487.ht


*I am normally able to post things out at the weekends only.
*I am not responsible for lost / damaged packages as all items are posted with some form of insurance (Tracked or recorded delivery).

*All sales/trades are final, I do not accept returns.

I am selling this dress as I have recently dyed my hair red and they kind of clash, I am also no longer into such sweet prints. I am really interested in floral prints, velvet, gothic and classic pieces. -Don’t let this put you off though, please show me what you’ve got (just no empire waisted dresses thank you :)


*This is my dreeeam dress atm however I am weeelll aware that I will probably not be offered it for Royal Poodle lol, however if anyone does have one with missing waist ties, ribbons, or a few marks I would be willing to work on it myself! :)

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