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WTB: Ap skirt and cutsew!

Hey ladies!

As I was unsuccessful in finding a dress that I liked, I've decided to turn my search to a skirt and cutsew, so I'm sorry to the people that I told I wasn't looking for a skirt earlier! I changed my mind ^^;;

I'm looking for an AP skirt and a cutsew to go with it. Prints ONLY please. US buyers preferred, as I need this by next month.
My budget for everything, all together is $250.
Some colors I like are mint, pink, black and yellow. Some colors I don't like are lavender and white.
I already own Wonder Cookie, so I'm not looking for that, and I'm not a fan of Happy Garden, Fantasic Dolly, or Fruits Parlor.
My measurements are:

Bust: 36'
Waist: 29'

Anything with matching headbows, socks, or other accessories are very welcome!

All positive feedback is here:

Previous WTBs here:

Please and thank you! <33333
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