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DS: BtSSB Coat, Headbow, AP Teacup, Spa Bag, Catalogue, Hairties, Offbrand Goodies, and Lace!

~ i m p o r t a n t . n o t e s ~
All prices are in USD unless otherwise noted.
All measurements are taken to the best of my ability.
I reserve the right to refuse buyers with neutral or negative feedback.
For reference, my dress form is set to my measurements (84cm bust, 66cm waist, 90cm hips).
I have two dogs (non-shedding) and one bunny (very shedding), and my mom smokes. That being said, I don't roll around with my pets in lolita, or hang around my mom when she smokes. I will do my best to make sure items are clean upon shipping, but I would like to make sure that anyone with severe allergies is informed.
If you are seriously interested in purchasing, but have questions first, you can leave your Paypal address and I will answer your questions ASAP and keep your place in line (you will not be invoiced until it is confirmed that you are ready to buy). Otherwise, the first person to leave their Paypal address and country will have priority. If I don't hear back from a person who has left their Paypal address within 24hrs without informing me beforehand, I will move on to the next person. If you don't pay your invoice within 24hrs, I will leave you neutral feedback and move on to the next person unless we work something out.
I will do holds at my own discretion, providing you have substantial positive feedback.
All sales are final; no backing out once you have been invoiced otherwise I will leave you negative feedback.
I am always willing to consider reasonable offers and I will offer a discount if you purchase more than one item, just ask!
Please feel free to ask any other questions!

~ p a y m e n t s ~
I accept direct-only Paypal (this means no credit/debit cards or eChecks) or Canadian bank transfer.
I don't charge Paypal fees, however, I will offer a discount if you choose to pay via Personal Payment on Paypal or by Canadian bank transfer.

~ s h i p p i n g ~
If the shipping costs are not stated, please ask for a quote!
Tracking costs are extra for both International and Canadian purchases.
International Airmail and Surface mail both include insurance up to $100 CAD.
Please ask if you require tracking or insurance, otherwise I am not responsible for any packages once they are shipped.
I can mark down packages at the buyers request (you will only be able to claim the marked down value), otherwise, they will be marked at full value for insurance purposes.
All packages will be shipped within one week.

~ f e e d b a c k ~
I have positive feedback on EGLFeedback, at my LJ, and on eBay.


~ f o r . s a l e ~

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Black Coat

(Back) (Detail) (Pink Front) (Pink Back) (Pink Detail 1) (Pink Detail 2)
Measurements: Bust: 98cm, Waist: 86cm, Length: 91cm, Sleeve: 58cm (60cm including lace), Shoulder: 37cm
Price: $250 shipped to Canada, $275 shipped to the US, $300 shipped anywhere else
A gorgeous BtSSB coat that has served me well for two cold Canadian winters! I love this coat dearly and the only reason I'm giving it up is because I just bought my dream coat and need the funds to bring it home :) This coat has only been worn sparingly by myself for the past two winters, probably less than 15 times total. It is in wonderful condition and would last many more winters, I'm sure! The bow at the neck is detachable and the pockets are indeed, functional (a must for me!). It's very, very warm and I always found myself getting hot if I put it on inside too early! The pictures I took are all with flash, otherwise you wouldn't be able to see any of the details. I've also posted pictures of the exact same coat in pink that was listed on Closet Child a while ago, which show off the details very well. The prices are pretty non-negotiable unless you purchase something else, as the shipping costs skyrocket once you go over 1kg with Canada Post. These were estimates though since I don't have a scale at home, and if shipping costs are less you will be refunded the difference :)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Black and White Headbow

(Bow Detail) (Side Detail)
Measurements: N/A
Price: $30 shipped to Canada, $32 shipped to the US, $35 shipped anywhere else
Received with a JSK that I purchased from egl_comm_sales a while ago, but I've never worn it out. It's a lovely classic style headbow that is smaller than the most of the headbows BtSSB has out right now and has cute flower lace that would match a lot of BtSSB's items!

Angelic Pretty Teacup and Saucer

(Saucer Detail) (Small mark on rim) (Tiny spot under handle) (Small dots on saucer)
Measurements: Average teacup/saucer size, exact measurements available upon request
Price: $45 shipped to Canada, $50 shipped to the US, $55 shipped anywhere else
Purchased from mBok as part of an AP novelty set, I really only wanted one of the other items in the set and I already own this teacup, so up for sale it goes! Small marks pictured above, I have not attempted to remove them or wash the teacup. Will be shipped in the original box and wrapped in bubble wrap in the same way it was shipped to me. A must have for any AP collector!

Angelic Pretty Dolly Spa Bag

Measurements: Length: 27cm length, Width: 10cm (hard to measure without opening the package), Height: 20cm
Price: $25 shipped anywhere
Also purchased from mBok as part of an AP novelty set. A really cute laminated-type bag that features the Fantastic Dolly print and is perfect for carrying your cosmetics/bathroom supplies while traveling! I already have a cosmetics bag so I don't really have any use for this either, but I debated on keeping it because it's so cute!

Angelic Pretty 2010 Spring&Summer Collection Catalogue

Measurements: Average AP catalogue size, exact measurements available upon request
Price: $20 shipped anywhere
Also purchased from mBok as part of an AP novelty set. I don't collect the catalogues, neither do I own any of the prints featured, so I feel no need to keep it. Includes popular prints such as Milky Planet, Jewellery Jelly, Wonder Cookie, and more!

Angelic Pretty Poodle Hairties

Measurements: N/A
Price: $15 shipped anywhere
Came with a headbow that I purchased from mBok, but sadly they don't suit my style ): There are little pearls on the corners and they would look great coordinated with any AP poodle or polka dot prints! I will include these with any other purchase for only $10!

Offbrand Black Fake Fur Capelet

(Back) (Detail) (Label)
Measurements: Length: roughly 90cm, Width: roughly 26cm and it's widest point
Price: $35 shipped to Canada, $37 shipped to the US, $40 shipped anywhere else
A really cute capelet that I purchased as a set with my beloved BtSSB earmuffs more than a year ago, and is in perfect condition! I have never worn it out unfortunately, since I've never had the right occasion for it. Confirmed to be fake fur (80% acrylic and 20% polyester) by asilvering, my thanks again! All the photos were taken with flash, otherwise you couldn't make out any of the details, but it is a true black :)

Offbrand Black Cable Knit Knee-High Socks

Measurements: Fits sizes 4-11, About 55cm long
Price: $10 shipped to Canada, $12 shipped to the US, $15 shipped anywhere else
A cute pair of knee high socks that I purchased but have yet to wear since I prefer OTK's. I will include these with any other purchase for only $8!

White Music Note Lace

Measurements: Width: 10cm, I have two 2.5metre pieces
Price: $15 shipped anywhere for one 2.5metre piece, $25 shipped anywhere for both 2.5metre pieces
A super cute embroidered lace that features music notes, treble clefs, and small flowers along the bottom! These are the left overs from one of my many skirts in progress. Probably long enough to trim the bottom of a skirt or JSK if you bought both pieces, otherwise it could be used for wristcuffs, or maybe even trim on a blouse. I'd rather not cut the lace into any smaller pieces though, sorry!

Offwhite Scalloped Lace

Measurements: Width: 0.8cm, I have 8metres
Price: $2 per metre, shipping costs depend on how many metres you purchase
The perfect lace for lacing up! Would work fantastically for lacing ribbon on top of shirring or even for decoratively lacing ribbon between two rows of the lace on a headdress or bonnet. It's a nice offwhite that is comparable to BtSSB's offwhite.


~ w a n t . t o . b u y / w i l l . t r a d e . f o r ~

AP Sugary Carnival Skirt in Black

(Possibly open to the JSK or OP in Black, but no other colours, sorry!)

BtSSB Stained Glass/Seraphim Skirt Headbow in Black

Brand short sleeved blouses (black or white), brand cutsews, and brand cardigans (black, white, or pink)

AP Melty Chocolate OTK striped socks in BlackxPink
An-ten-na Ruffle RHS (originals, not replicas) in Black and size S (22.5cm) or M (23.5cm)
h.NAOTO FRILL items in BlackxWhite
Shoes in size S (22.5cm) with a platform or heel (no patent)
Brand jewellery (no gold or plastic) and novelty items
Some things from my wishlist
Brand prints in black, or brand items in black and white. I'm open to anything that I can coordinate in a classic/gothic/bittersweet way, but I'm also kind of picky. Please feel free to show me what you have though, and I will always reply! :3


I also have some older sales here, including a BtSSB Scallop JSK and Skirt, and some super long offbrand lace topped socks, perfect for taller lolitas!


Thank you for looking~
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