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DS/DT: Bodyline, Handmade 20% reduction!!

    Please read first
  • I come from a smoker house, but I don't smoke myself, never allow smokers in my room and I am very careful so that my lolita clothes don't come in touch with smoke.
  • I have a pet dog, it doesn't get in my room but keep it in mind.
  • Paypal only please
  • Paypal fees included, shipping not included!
  • The item goes to the one that leaves their paypal first, but that doesn't mean that you can just give your address and not contact me for days.
  • The buyer who leaves their paypal has 48 hours to pay, otherwise the item will be sold to the next available person.
  • My feedback page
  • I have the right to deny selling to a person with negative feedback
  • I am not responsible for lost packages after I ship them so I would kindly advice buyers to choose shipping with tracking.
  • I ship within 3 days after payment, unless there is a weekend interjected.

Thank you very much!


Bodyline Floral JSK SOLD

Descriptoion:This is a lovely JSK, perfect for classic and country lolita. It is not available anymore to order online. It has a rich cream color with beige and blue roses. It also features white cotton lace with cute derals, bows, waist ties pintucks and partial shirring at the back. The straps are also shirred. Has been worn a couple of times but it is still in very good condition

Additional photos:
Bodice, Print, Back

Flat Measurements:
Bust: 36 cm (it can easily strech up to 42 cm due to stretchabel fabric and partial shirring, maybe even more)
Waist 32 cm (it can easily stretch up to 36 cm and can go lower due to waist ties)
Length (from top of strap to end of dress): 84 cm

Price: 30 euro 24 euro

Europe: 6,45 euro without tracking, 8,95 with tracking
Rest of the world: 8,45 without tracking, 10,95 with tracking 

Comissioned Classic Lolita Blouse

I bought this second hand from the community. The condition is worn but still good, even though I never wore it. It was commissioned by one of EGL's seamstresses. Unfortunately I was looking for cutsew fabric to wear casually and this is a blouse with typical cotton fabric, so it is a bit to formal for what I wanted it for. Still it is a lovely blouse. it features cotton clunny lace, flower trim and pintuchs at the bib, pearlish buttons, partial shirring at the back and side zip. Also included is a small white detachable bow that goes at the front of the collar. There are smal marks on some of the buttons and there seem to be some small damage at the top of the zip, under the armpit but it cant be seen unless you are looking there. it also does not affect the functiolality of the zip.

Additional photos: Bib, Back, Detail

Flat Measurements:
Bust (armpit to armpit):  41 cm
Waist: 35 cm
Sleeve length: 58 cm
Length (from top of collar to end): 53 cm

Price: 20 Euro 16 Euro ( never used it so I just want what it originally costed, shipping not included)

Europe: 4,20 euro without tracking or 6,70 euro with tracking
Rest of the World: 4,65 euro without tracking or 7,15 euro with tracking


Also check my previous sales post: Rose Melody Rosa Aroma JSK for trade

Thank you for your time!
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