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Cyperous and DreamV GO ?

Is there any interested for a Cyperous or a DreamV GO ?

About Cyperous, there is a flat fee of 4,000 yens. The more we are, the less we pay for international shipping ! If we are at least 4 interested, I am going to host it. You can order from both the english store or the japanese store. The japanese one have more choices.
Interesteds :
1* Ladyxlike
2* Loki23
3* Argh_facepalm
4* Myself

About DreamV, you can find information on my last GO (currently about to ship stuff). I want to keep the total amount for less than 200 $ USD, excluding shipping. A lot of things are currently on sale, maybe you would like to grab something. Have a look !
You may think their japanese website is easier to browse. I'll be agreeing with you. Interesting fact : you can browse on the japanese website, have a look on a item like that one .  At the end of the url, there is a number, which is 503051. You go on any item from DreamV Rakuten Borderless Store, you replace the item number by the one you are interested from the Japanese one and ta-da !
Interesteds :
1* Admete
2* Viscuslunasol
3* Purinyappykura
4* Myself

I am more likely to host only one GO, which be the one which interests the more people, but I *might* host both.
EDIT : For now, it seems that I will do both.

Cyperous GO here
DreamV GO here

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