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DS/DT: BtSSB sweet gingham rose OP, 2 corsets, leather vest, CHEAP WIGS!!!!

About me:
-I ship from the US, usually on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Shipment will be completed within a week after purchase.
-I have a labrador, cat, and rabbit. Only the cat comes into my room, and I lint brush all items before sending them off. However, beware of allergies if you are extremely sensitive.
-My house is smoke-free.
-If I've overcharged for shipping (especially internationally, I tend to leave a safety net for that), you'll be refunded within 2-3 days after I've shipped. :)

Sales Rules:
-Asking a question will hold your place in line. After I answer a question, you have 24 hours to reply before I pass on to the next person. Please don't try to stack these if you need a few days to pay. Just ask me, and we can work it out.
-If no one has a place ahead of you in line, leaving a paypal address will get you the item. However, I consider it a commitment to the sale. I will screen all addresses.
-Up to 4 weeks hold with a 20% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. I will ask that the deposit be sent as a gift, and the rest of the payment as a normal transaction. I'll be happy to hold an item deposit-free for a few days (read: less than a week) if you need to transfer money/get your paycheck/mug an old lady etc.

Trades! What I want:

I love love love simple, dark, classic or gothic pieces. Vicotrian Maiden, ETC, Atelier BOZ, Alice Auaa
STRAWBERRIES! Any strawberries, but I really really want an ETC skirt with a strawberry print.
Brand cardigans, especially black, but I'll look at all colors.
BtSSB Wizard of Oz circle skirt in NAVY (This is my dream item!!)
Partial trades are great! Show me what you have and we can negotiate. :3

On to the sale!! :D

BtssB Sweet Rose Gingham Check OP in black
$150 + $15 USA shipping ($25 international)
I just received this from the sales comm, and I was devastated to find it just doesn't suit me (too sweet for comfort!). :(
Anyway, this dress is beautiful and in mint condition. I want to find her a new home! Never worn by the previous owner, and tried on once by me.

Punk69 green/blue/gold brocade overbust corset  ON HOLD
$20 + $7 USA shipping ($15 international)
Used a few times but in great condition. :)
Steel boned, shiny brocade.
Size 22 (for a 24-26 inch waist. You could go up to 28 inches but the gap would be larger.)
14 inch front busk
Modesty panel

Punk69 velvet and lace underbust corset SOLD
$15 + $7 USA shipping ($15 international)
Used several times, in great condition!
The velvet is a deeper green, a true forest green.
The lace is pretty bad, and I always intended to replace it. It's not really shiny or scratchy, just meh. Luckily it looks pretty easy to remove. It's attached to the corset on a little separate band that would be short work for a seamripper.
Size 22 (for a 24-26 inch waist)
10 inch front busk

Leather vest
$20 + $7 USA shipping ($15 international)
I picked this up on a really good deal (I think it was $60-$80 without the sale) awhile ago, but it's simply too big for me. Would be good for pirate, kodona, or aristocrat! The leather is seriously really soft and nice. ^_^
US womens size 8
Measures 16 inches flat at the bust. I'm a 32 inch bust, so I think it would be best for a 34 inch bust.

BtSSB pseudo-petti (lol)
I'm not really sure what to charge for this???? I found it in the back of my closet, it must have come with a dress and I forgot. T_T
It's just lining material and some stiff crinoline, not a TON of poof, but better than nothing.
Make me an offer!
Shipping in the US would be $5 ish I think, and maybe $10 for abroad.

Beat up kanekalon wig! Curly, shoulder length, black (wig head not included) ON HOLD
$5 + $3 USA shipping ($7 international)
Need a practice wig? This wig has been well-used and well-loved, but it still has a lot of life left! It's pretty frizzy, but the curls are still holding their shape. The fiber quality is okay, but it definitely shines a bit funny under bright sunlight and fluorescent light. It has a peach toned skin part. Again, this is a VERY USED item, but it's clean and not gross. With a little TLC and wig conditioner it could be restored to its former glory. I recommend it for wig practice before you try your skills on your brand new Cyperous beauty. ;)

Not-so-beat-up kanekalon wig! Dark brown, short kodona style (wig head not included) SOLD
$10 + $3 USA shipping ($7 international)
This wig has been worn a few times, but it's still in near-perfect condition. The fiber quality isn't amazing, but it's perfectly acceptable for an event or costume, just maybe not everyday wear. The cut is very nice and looks natural! The back of the wig has a few slightly longer locks that I think would look adorable tied with a bow for a classic prince style!

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