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WTB: Pink Tea Parties and Cherry Berry Bunny Accessories

 Please note:
  • Please state a price without shipping in USD- I determine my preferred shipping method based of of where you are and I will pay for shipping in addition to the price, so keep that in mind :)
  • my feedback is here: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1023006.html
  • US sellers preferred, but will look at international.
  • Make me an offer on price, I am willing to consider all offers : )
Firstly, I am looking for AP's cherry berry bunny headbow and socks in the pink colourway only.

I also would like to buy any AP (brand only) accessories to do with cherry berry bunny- they have a pink cardigan with strawberries and bunnies, maybe a bunny ring, etc. 

Lastly, I am looking to buy pink tea party shoes in a size 24 or L, or a M if they are offbrand and they run large. I am only looking to buy the flats, and brand (AP) is preferred, but not necessary- secret shop and other offbrands are fine as well. 

Feel free to PM me, but make a comment here first please along the lines of "PMing for sale of -x item-". Also, feel free to comment even if you're a bit unsure if your item fits the description- I will look at it and let you know :)

Thank you for looking!
Tags: !wtb, an-ten-na, angelic pretty, secret shop
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