maroonsparrow (maroonsparrow) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Malco Models 592 HUGE Petty

592 Malco Models SOLD
Size: 23"-42" S  (the measurements on the website)

It was originally around $57 I think?
Its in 4/5 condition I would say because its very puffy and functional but its does have signs of wear like some discoloration form velvet dresses I have worn over it. The puffy functionality of it is not any flatter then when I got it!

$47 shipped every where because even when I smoosh it down it will still neads a fairly large package. But I'm open to negotiation or trades I just realized I have four petty coats and never use this one so I might as well let it go to someone who would use it more. It definitely has lots of life left in it!
Its a-line but always just fold down the bright white part and it becomes a perfect cup cake shape!
And UPS/ tracking will be extra so please let me know. If not spesified I will pick the cheepest option because I am a poor collage student >-<

I also still have this btssb OP I would love to trade for a simple empire waisted dress: Click Here
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