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WTB: OTK Socks, Petticoat, Blouse.

First things first, heres my feedback.
I would really love to buy the following items;

OTK pink/white (or both!) socks. I am a tall girl (about 5ft 8in) so they would need to be reasonably long! I also need them to go nicely with the pink Wonder Cookie print.

Petticoat, the poofier the better!

I've heard good things about this one but just show me what you've got!

Pink or white blouse. Again just show me what you have!

My measurements are:
Bust- 37in
Waist- 30in

Im sorta on a budget so please dont show me anything over 40GBP ( I know thats not much but i cant really afford much more!)

Thank You! ^_^

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, dear celine

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