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DS: Handmade sweet jewelry

Info :
Prices include shipping everywhere
Shipping worldwide trought ordinary post mail.
Smoke free house
cat owner
I accept only Paypal
Please feel free to ask any questions.

If your item is custom and contain whiped cream item will be shipped after ~ 3 days due to drying time.

Item # 1
Sunday Earrings

Cute medium earrings
10 $ shipped 

Item # 2
"happy birthday cake" ring

1 available
8 $ shipped 

Item # 3
"Alice Tea Party" earring

5 pairs available
small earrings
can be made silver or gold
8 $ shipped 

Item # 4
"Chocoholic" ring

can be made with any color of chocolate
6 $ shipped 

Item # 4
"Chocoholic" Hair clip 

can be made with any color of chocolate
the one on the picture is sold but can still be made custom
8 $ shipped 

Item # 5
Whipped Cake rings
*make your choice between 20 cakes*

Only one available for each cake
each cake will be on some wipped cream on the right exept if you dont want whipped cream of course.
8 $ shipped 

Tags: !ds, handmade

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