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DT: Btssb Summer OP

I have two positive feedback for trades :)
Fell free to ask questions!
I am not responsible after the item has left my hands.

This btssb jsk is very stretchy and can fit very small measurements and bigger ones. Shirring in the back. Only worn once but in great condition. It has really cute pockets which are rare in btssb dresses. It has removable waist ties and the sleeves are supposed to be worn a little off the shoulders.
Would love to trade for another casual summery dress. I especially am interested in simple btssb empire waisted, plain color jsks and etc dresses. Feel free to make offers but dont be offended if I turn you down because it probably just isnt my style.
This dress was purchased new at btssb SF and has been worn twice. It is worth about $200 and somethingish if I remember correctly. I got it on sale because it had some lose threads in the shirring when I got it but I fixed that and it looks like new now :)
I have a 34" bust and 25" waist and it fits when the lace is at its tightest so it could go much bigger then that with the back shirring.

I would really like to make the trade today so I can send it off tomorrow with some other things I need to send. I live about a mile and a half away from the post office and its been raining a lot so I'd rather not have to walk multiple trips.

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