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!WTB Done, thank you!

Feeback link is here. It is empty so far, but my eBay feedback (46, all positive) can be found here.
Prices are in USD.
Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. ^^
If you have something I want in my measurements, I will pay you as soon as you send the invoice!


Flat teapot (or teacup!) bag, brand is unimportant. (The picture is just an idea)
Want in Pink, Beige, White, Brown, or any combo of the aforementioned. 
Willing to pay 60 USD shipped, but feel free to make offers.I have already gone through eBay, and have not seen anything to my liking.

An AP cutsew in white, beige/offwhite, pink, or any mix of those colors. 45 USD Shipped, willing to pay 60 for detachable sleeves. If you have something you're unsure of or would like a little more for, just ask. :)
I'm not too picky with the style, but I do NOT want shirring on the front at all!

AP classic red OP. I couldn't find the picture of it, but as long as it's solid I can promise you that I like it. I'm looking at 165 usd, shipped, but could spend a little more- up to 200usd if the dress is in really good condition and I really love the one you have.

BTSSB Calf Length Boots in Ivory/Offwhite/Beige (I've heard them called all colors, even the worker at the store wasn't sure about the colors for those xD) They are a little over 200 new, so I'd like to keep it to about 100-115 shipped. If they are in like new condition, I'll go up to 130.

Victorian Maiden Floral OR solid High Waist Skirt in ANY colorway will do up to 170, shipped. And not just in the shown picture! Seriously, I love almost all of the VM high-waist skirts (just no plaid, please), and the ones I had been saving to put on reserve all sold out! TT^TT I love most of the styles, and half of them made my dream list. And yes, I KNOW that this a pre-order skirt picture (the one I wanted but was sold out, bleh) but it's just to give a genral idea since the old skirts are very similar.

One Piece in Any colorway this is a dream dress. I will pay 325 shipped, again, probably more. Never mind, I'll just wait for a few weeks when I've saved up some more :).

Brand OR Offbrand Ruffled Parasol in beige/offwhite/cream/white/pink/brown or any mix of those colors 45 usd, shipped.

Bodyline Letter Print JSK in any color but pink 37 usd, shipped.

Unworn Bloomers in white/cream/brown/offwhite/simple pattern 18 usd, shipped. 


Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, mary magdalene, offbrand, victorian maiden

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