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A small clear-out of things.

The Business Stuff:
- U.S Residents only, for the time being. :\

- Paypal -only-. (no extra fees or any of that junk :B)

- Blouses were made to fit my measurements, at 42-35-45.

- I have a cat.
While he does sneak into my closet from time to time (that mischevious little bugger), all items have been cleaned and lint-rolled.
However, do take note if you have allergies or sensitivites to kitty hair.

- I do not drive.
The closest post office to my house is about 4 or 5 miles away, and it's 99% likely that I have to take the Shoelace Express to get to it, BUT I will do my best to insure packages are mailed out promptly. <3

-Items will ship from Las Vegas, NV. ;D

- My feedback page:
(Which for some reason is empty. I am more a buyer here on the comm, anyway.)

~ * ~

First up, a pair of Bodyline shoes~

I am selling a BLACK pair.
(on my poupee: http://pupe.ameba.jp/item/eaYA8VTg27IC/lQrBwjnwtHt-/ )

-Super adorable shoes that I purchased some time ago off the Comm.
Size 23.5
(I usually wear around a 6 1/2, 7 U.S, depending, and these fit -perfect-. Perfect.)
However, I've decided they are just -too sweet- for me.
20$ shipped.


I waited a long time for these, but when I got them home, I just don't think they are for me.
(I'm a plain gothic lolita at heart, and usually wear turtlenecks/cute cutsews with my outfits.)

First, is an amazing chiffon top from Rose Melody's Rosa Crucifix series.

(On my Poupee: http://pupe.ameba.jp/item/2438P3UHcnQl/lQrBwjnwtHt-/ )
Seriously, it's beautiful, and I want it to go to a good home.
(The sleeves. Omg, the sleeves.)
'Corset' ribbon for the back will be included.

The second is a cute blouse from Dear Celine's "Summer Breeze" set.

I am selling a BLACK one.
(On my poupee: http://pupe.ameba.jp/item/CJCBrnfWzl4I/lQrBwjnwtHt-/ )
Neck ties will be included, as well as the ribbon for the 'corset' in the back.
40$ shipped.

Trades are -welcome- but please do not offer anything that -will not fit me-.
I am partial to H. Naoto things.

Tags: *plus size, bodyline, dear celine, rose melody

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