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!DS: BTSB accessories(ring and muffler available) and some non-brand items

-Paypal only
-First come, first serve. If I don't hear from you in 48 hours after initial contact, I will consider that loss of interest and the next buyer will get it.
-Sorry, shipping only in the U.S.
-Please be advised that once the package enters the USPS mail flow, I am no longer responsible for the package.
-Prices DO NOT INCLUDE shipping.
-My feedback page is here:

Baby the Stars Shine Bright muffler (scarf) $20 
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Very Berry socks, never worn $20 SOLD 
Black Peace Now socks, worn once, washed and kept in drawer $15 SOLD 
Usakumya strap $10 SOLD 


Ring from the Baby event "Red Sky at Night". It can be adjusted to size. Never worn, has been kept in its original bag. $20

Non-Brand items

Fishnet stockins with sock belts and jewel. Bought in Japan years ago but never worn. $4
(more photos can be requested, I have another set but that has been opened, I can sell for $3 SOLD)
-Harajuku Lovers Cupcake and Heart logo hair pins $5 SOLD 

New People Gloomy Bear white shirt size L. $20

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, black peace now, offbrand
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