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DS: AP JSK, Bodyline, BTSSB, HARAJUKULVERS/montreal shoes, wigs, petti, dress, offbrand + MORE!

Here's my feedback page: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1125303.html
I do not have any current sales or feedback with EGL community but I've got sales on eBay!
Please feel free to message me on eBay if you need to confirm this! I assure you that it's me. Just check out all the cosplay stuff I bought. :P keke~

IMPORTANT: All the items are at my folks' house and I'm at my university during Mon-Thursday morning, and I can't bring everything with me incase it's purchased, so if you purchase anything between Sunday and Wednesday, it will be shipped out the following weekend!

>This is all direct sale, NO TRADES! I love lolita fashion and this was my dream dress, but as I'm getting older I'm going to less events and cons, and it's too expensive of a hobby for me.

>I will ship worldwide and accept payments ONLY BY PAYPAL and please don't wait forever to pay!! Contact me for shipping rates etc.

>If you need further pictures or have other questions please feel free to ask!

>Payment is in $USD http://www.xe.com/ for conversion rates

>You know the rules! First come first serve... next in line and so forth!


1. Angelic Pretty Strawberry Ribbon Yellow JSK
My first and only JSK.. I bought this from yahoo.japan new, and I wore this only a couple of times and it's still in fantastic condition. I definitely have emotional ties to it so someone give it a good home! T^T
Size: Sm-Medium (shirred front and back) bust fits up to approx 38 inches

Price: SOLD!!! THANKS!!!


2. Bodyline Blouse
Like new condition, this has a beautiful lace up detail in the back and pearly buttons. The scalloped lace lapels make this cute top versatile with jumpers or a skirt!
Size: Sm-Medium bust fits 32-36 inches

Price: SOLD!!! THANKS!!! 

back view

3. Handmade AP Replica Headdress and Red Polka Dot Bow
I made this headdress to match my jumper with a similar yellow tartan pattern and the extra bit of fabric sample that came with the dress to make the middle of the bow. Included is a picture of the AP original and another picture of it on myself!
Size: One Size fits all

Price: $10

AP Original
Wearing the outfit with the headdress(and petticoat)

4. Handmade AP Replica Strawberry Ribbon Wristlets
Shown in the photo above too, I used the little berries from the sewing cushions on here!
Size: Small

Price:  SOLD!!! THANKS!!!

6. BTSSB Princess Butterfly Bag
Bought from Closet Child many years ago, it's still functional and cute but has some stains and fading, and wrinkly. No holes or tears!

Price: SOLD!!! THANKS!!! 

brand proof

7. HARAJUKU LOVERS Cute as a Cupcake Vinyl Tote
Great for a shopping and beach bag! Good condition and cute for anytime!

Price: $15

brand proof

8. Handmade Ribbon Basket
Made this to go with the dress :) Decorated with lace and red ribbons...polka dots! Approx 7x8 inches in diameter.

Price: $18

9. Montreal Heart Buckle Strappy Platform Shoes
Adorable sweetheart shoes with charming heart buckles. Worn a few times, really good condition! Bottom barely has any scuffs on it, a small flake of red vinyl is missing from the tip corner of a bow on the shoe on the left.
Size: 245mm (fits like a US size 6 1/2 barely a 7) I'm a size 7 and they were snug on the toes!

Price: $45


10. Offbrand Black Bow Flats
Purchased these in Korea too! Bottom is a bit scuffed, I liked these but I can't wear flats too well. Very cute with skirts or even casual wear! :) Good condition!
Size: 245mm (US Size 7 for slightly narrower feet)

Price: $10

11. Short bob Wig in Electric Pink
Bought online and worn twice. Made from Toyokalan fibers! Very cute!

Price: $10

12. Short bob Wig in Moonlight
Worn once for an Anna Tsuchiya cosplay :) This isn't really "white", but it's moonlight! Very soft pretty iridescent color. Made from Toyokalan fibers.

Price: $10

13. Black Ponytail Extension Clip/Claw
Worn once, it has a claw clip to attach to all sorts of hair, really pretty! Made from Kanekalon fibers, attached to a pink wig in the photo to show color and item.

Price: $10

14. Offbrand White Petticoat
Purchased online, very cute sweet poofy petticoat. Worn in the above picture of me with the AP outfit on underneath the jumpskirt. Gives a poofy effect without being overly cupcake-y!
Size: Small-Medium fits up to 29 inch waist

Price: $20

15. Sexy Dynamite London Replica Tie
"Zipper" tie, very punky and cute!

Price: $5
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