matsuki (matsuparadise) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Meta Marine Stripe Pinafore JSK (blue) [SOLD]

-Shipping with USPS
-Willing to ship worldwide
-I have lots of positive feedback at eglfeedback  (+66) and in my journal (+21)
-I won't charge Paypal fees! :)
-I accept paypal only.
-I reserve the right to refuse sale.
-Extraneous comments will be deleted
-Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask! :)
-I'll look at offers, but priority will go to whoever can pay full price or highest.

Good condition, but not excellent. There aren't any stains, rips, or tears- it's just an old piece with some look of wear, hence the condition. I am the second owner of this dress, and I myself have only worn it once briefly. I hand-washed it, and it needs a bit of ironing- which I would do but I misplaced the iron. When ironing, do not directly iron onto the print of this dress.

I love this print and dress so much, and the only reason I'm selling it is because I'm very picky about the condition and my friend is willing to sell me her excellent condition one. I'm hoping to get back what I paid (and actually, I paid a little more than my asking price because of shipping).

No paypal fee will be charged.

Shipped within US w/tracking: $12
Shipped within California w/ tracking: $7
+$3 insurance (recommended)

Shipping worldwide: please inquire

Thank you!
Tags: !ds, metamorphose
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