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Updated Warning and Ban Schedule

In light of some recurrent issues we’ve been having on the sales community lately, we’ve decided to update our ban and warning policy to more accurately reflect the manner in which we typically enforce the rules, and the manner in which community members have indicated they’d like to have the rules enforced.

EGL and EGL Sales Community Warning and Ban Policy
Warnings will be issued for infractions as outlined in the community rules.

Any member that receives one (1) warning will have their unmoderated posting privilege revoked (if applicable).
Any member that receives three (3) warnings will be temporarily banned for one month.
Any member that receives four (4) warnings will be temporarily banned for two months.
Any member that receives five (5) warnings or more will be permanently banned from the community in question.

Warnings will expire after one year; however, the moderation team reserves the right to ban any user who they feel has an excessive number of warnings in any time period. Furthermore, in most cases unmoderated posting access may be regained after one month, but moderators reserve the right to permanently revoke this privilege depending on the case.

Furthermore, the moderation team reserves the right to bypass this schedule and outright ban any member whose behaviour they feel has a major negative impact on the community. This includes, but is by no means limited to, scamming, flaky buying or selling, and harassment of other community members. Moderators also reserve the right to hand down warnings for violations not covered by the rules linked in our community profile that have a negative impact on the community but are not severe enough to warrant a ban.

Finally, the moderation team is willing to review all ban cases on an individual basis. If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact a member of the mod team via PM.

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