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DS/DT: AP Swan Lake/Ballerina skirt, btssb black sailor cutsew

Hello again egl!

♥ I am changing my style, so would like to sale (or perhaps trade) some stuff~
My Feedback
♥ Will take more pictures upon demand =)
♥ I can ship on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays


Angelic Pretty Ballerina/Swan Lake pink skirt

♥ I got it second-handed a long time ago, but it has no flaws whatsoever, it's in Perfect condition.
♥ The bow is detachable.
♥ It is a great, old-school lolita skirt, Imai Kira print!
♥ More info and pictures at loli library =)

Proof of ownership
Measurements: it's a high waist skirt so the top-waist measurements is 60cm. Can stretch up to 70 according to the website. Length 53cm
Price: 142€ (around $193 PP fees included)
Shipping: EU:12.5€ Elsewhere:14€ includes tracking, I'm a bit afraid to ship it trackless. (unsure about the weight of package, so if shipping turns out to be cheaper I will refund you, if it's higher i won't ask for more)


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Sailor Detachable Sleeves Cutsew

With sleeves
back view of collar
detail of front collar
sleeve detail
Got it from mbok, slightly worn condition. Detachable sleeves, one of the buttons that connect the long part of the sleeve to the short one has been loosened but can be fixed easily^^ (I just don't know how to sew xD). Also take a look of how it looks worn, the collar isn't really straight because the inside buttons are mismatched (no idea why, but I received it that way). You can't notice when worn with a tie though, which I can include upon request =)
Flat measurements bust: 36cm, waist: 35cm sort of stretchy fabric
Price: 45€ (around $61 PP fees included), accepting offers
Trade: A bolero, looking to match my pink St.Mephisto Cathedral JSK
Shipping: EU:4€ Elsewhere:4.5€, add 2.5€ for tracking.


my old cutsew sale
my old blouse sale


Thank you for looking! Feel free to ask anything~

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright

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