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WTB: Bodyline jsk, CCK & Chocomint jewellery and Tokyo and/or Osaka in store s.s.

Hellow lolitas~!

First of all:
☆ My feedback page: here
☆ I can pay via paypal
☆ I live in Italy, EU but I've never had any problem buying worldwide, and I usually prefer tracked shipping methotds :D

Okay then, onto my wtb! ;D

I'm desperately looking for the Bodyline Carousel jsk in M size and in pink only

I'm also looking for these specifically Cute Can Kill rings and necklace, in these exactly colorways:



And for this Chocomint necklace:

Also, I'm looking for a Tokyo and/or Osaka in-store shopping service, as I'd like to buy these socks and I know they can be found in Tokyo or Osaka.

1) Carousel socks, in this exactly colorway:

As you can see from this photo taken from La Carmina, this girl walking in the Bodyline store in Osaka is wearing the carousel socks:

2) And I'd like to purchase these strawberry socks too, same brand of the carousel ones:

Finally, I need a Tokyo in-store shopping service to purchase these fairy-lolish sneakers in the "Warp" and "Maiden" colorways, possibly M or L size, the brand is called "Amigo!", I know for sure they could be purchased in Tokyo (and from Rakuten too but are sold out from a while) so I hope they are still available somewhere ;__;

Thank you in advance! <3
Tags: !ss, !wtb, bodyline, chocomint, indie brand
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