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DS: Angelic Pretty, Swimmer, Metamorphose, ManiaQ

- I will ship worldwide. I ship from Japan.
- I will combine shipping, but do not ask unless you are POSITIVE you want to buy... since I have to pack everything to weigh it
- I will only ship EMS to FRANCE, because of previous bad experiences
- Sale goes to first offer of payment. You can make an offer, but full price payment takes precedent.
-Don't ask about shipping unless you want to buy!
---Not all items include shipping (it will say). Shipping costs from $5-15, and EMS is more expensive
-Airmail takes about 1 week+, no tracking. EMS also available. EMS is fast and includes tracking.
- My feedback can be found here
-Paypal only.

TRADES: I will trade with people that live in Japan only
I'm looking for:
***AP French Bistro Broach***
BTSSB Queen Coach OP, black or navy (note: I will trade $150-200 worth of items for the OP)
AP Holy Night skirt, white (note: will trade $130 worth of items)
**AP Lyrical Bunny pink, lavender tote from AP LP

Metamorphose Honey Picnic Vinyl Bag, mint

Back Front Details
Original Item Page
$140 + shipping

AP Shyness Bear Bangle, mint NEW

$45 + shipping

ManiaQ chiffon shirt NEW

New, but no tags.
Waist and bust are pretty free size, but recommended for someone with no more than 35 inch hips.
$65 OBO + shipping

Swimmer Comb NEW

About 6 inches tall.
$7.50 +shipping
Note: No, I am not selling the Swimmer collars anymore

AP Milky-chan the Fawn Parka, pink

Has cute little gems in the ears.
Not new, but never worn by me, and in excellent condition.
Measurements: 50cm length, 35cm shoulder width, 45cm body width, 59cm sleeve length, 11.5cm cuff
$155 + shipping

AP Tunic Blouse, pink

works well with a variety of prints
I bought it new and have worn it once or twice. It remains in excellent, like-new condition.
Free size.
(The only easily measured portion is the above-the-bust ribbon, which is around 100cm, but below that it is gathered like the waist of a skirt, so quite free for most any bust size)
$140 +shipping

AP Chiffon headband

$45 + shipping

AP Milky Planet socks NEW

Have been tried on, so they are a little wrinkled, but nothing you'd notice after wearing them once.
$35 +shipping

Gladee Cookie Pouch

Quite wide, so it would fit a lot of pens/pencils, makeup, nail-polish, etc
$15 + shipping

</center>Thank you for looking.
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