Kate Madalene (neppa) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Kate Madalene

DS: Black Replica Victorian Maiden Blouse, Yellow Tea Party Replicas, Black Victorian Boots

-Paypal only please
-All prices in USD, and include shipping within the US
-I will sell the item to the first person who can pay full price; that doesn't necessarily mean the first person who inquires
-I don't do holds or trades, sorry
-I'll ship anywhere, but remember the cost will be higher outside of the US
-Here is my feedback page

Sold! 1. Victorian Maiden Replica Blouse, Black - $30 shipped within US
Brand new, custom ordered from Mashimaro Girl months ago, commissioned originally for $50. I dropped the price because the quality of the fabric isn't really up to par. Only been tried on once. It is a replica of this blouse. Comes with a bow.

Bust = 38"
Waist = 30"
Detail 1
Detail 2

Sold! 2. Yellow Tea Party Replicas - $40 shipped within US
These were from the original reservations. I love them to death, but they simply to not suit my style at all. Only been worn inside, no scuffs or marks at all.

Size 25 cm (Approximately a US size 8.5)
Detail 1
Detail 2

Sold! 2. Black Funtasma Victorian Mid-calf Boots - $35 shipped within US
Lovely boots; very sturdy and suit a lot of styles. Even though they are mid-calf I wouldn't recommend them for larger calves. Only been tried on, no scuffs or marks at all.

Size US 9
Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3
Detail 4
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