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DS/DT; BTSSB Trick-or-Treat JSK, AATP Asymetrical skirt, BPN aristo blouse, Yosuke shoes

Woah, it's been so long since I've posted, so let me know if something goes wrong~
But, before anything else, here's the necessary:

+ Feedback!
+I am located in the US, Indiana 46385
+I will ship worldwide, granted you won't mind the high shipping cost (I won't send un-insured!)
+All items from a smoke-free home, though I do have cats (they don't come near the clothes, though!)
+I am not responsible for lost packages, but I will provide tracking so if something does happen, you'll have leverage on who to blame
+Only paypal


Direct Sales (and trade!):

1. Red suede Yosuke platforms; US size 7.5~8

1990's Yosuke platforms; wonderful condition!  I've only worn these out once, though I did buy them used, from someone who had claimed to of only worn them maybe once or twice, anyways.  They're in awesome condition, with the only signs of wear being a light stain on one shoelace and a tiiiiny it of scuffing along the platform.  The damage isn't noticed at all unless you're seriously looking for it, and if needed I can provide pictures of it.  I wear a size 8~8.5 (US) and these fit pretty well, though were a tiny bit tight; I'd recommend them best for a US 7.5~8.


Price: $65 shipped, tracked, priority in the US, or, make an offer.  For international shipping please ask, since these are heavy and it will probably be a desolation.

2. Black Peace Now deconstructed Aristo blouse

It kills me to have to get rid of this amazing blouse, but alas, it just seriously doesn't fit me.  I have never worn it, but I did buy it off of the comm from someone whom I believe wore it once or twice.  There are no signs of wear, it's in great condition.  I bought this with serious hopes of making it work, but I'm too tall for it :{

bust: NO MORE than 34 inches
waist: ~25-26

Price: $65 shipped and tracked in the US, $72 shipped and tracked international; all fees included

+For more details, photos, or any questions on anything, please, don't hesitate to ask!


Trades (possible DS, just make offers if interested, but I prefer to trade these items)

1. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Alice Trick-or-Treat JSK in pink

I bought this JSK about two years ago, and fell in absolute love with the print.  I've worn it a couple times, but I seriously just can't pull off the pink too well.  Sweet has never been a good style for me >.<
It's in pretty good condition, the only damage being a bit of discoloration along the neckline and a couple spots on the lace.  Nothing is noticeable unless you're really looking for it, though, and when worn can't be seen at all.

Will fit up to 36 in bust, waist is free because of the empire cut

What I would like:
+THE SAME PRINT, any style (both JSKs, or skirt) in black
+THE SAME PRINT, skirt only, in pink
+Anything else very simple and black; I.E., a plain black JSK from something like Innocent World or Meta
+Offer anything, really, so long as it's still brand and is not sweet
+Dark colors prefered

2. Alice and the Pirates A-symetrical skirt in black

(Ignore the lint on the photos, please!)


I bought this skirt brand new of the comm and have not worn it once... It just doesn't look right on me >.<
Note that mine is solid black, and the chain was not included, but would be very simple to replace.
+This skirt will only fit a waist ~25 or less; it's pretty small and has no give!

What I would like:
+Anything brand that is gothic, classic, or aristocrat
+dark colors only
+Just show me what you have :D

I know this is a long-shot, but I honestly want a Moitié print skirt.  And, to make this less of a long shot, I am willing to trade the BPN blouse and AATP skirt (and even the JSK along with all of this if the print is good enough ;D) +shipping for a Moitié print skirt.  Just to show you that it would be totally worth it as an even or very near even trade, here is a photo of the two coordinated, BECAUSE THEY LOOK SO AMAZING TOGETHER AND IT KILLS ME TO GET RID OF THEM T_T



+Innocent World
+Victorian Maiden
+Black Peace Now
+Mary Magdalene
+Alice Auua

Thank you for looking!  If anything else is needed, or you have any questions, just let me know!

And mods, it's been a while since I've posted, so if anything is wrong please let me know ASAP!
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