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DS/DT: BtSSB/AatP Star Chiffon JSK, OP, sleeveless blouse, knee socks, Usakuma hand puppet

+Please don't send me PMs. I can't keep track of the orders.
+Paypal only.
+Price includes worldwide shipping. Buyers in South America or Africa please inquire.
+Shipping from South Korea, takes 7-14 days to arrive.
+Faster shipping/tracking available with additional charge; please inquire.
+Trade welcomed

AatP Star Chiffon JSK in black
$200 shipped worldwide

Official page with detailed pics:
Official page says:
Just tried it on, but didn't fit me well so it's here for sale.

AatP Rachel sleeveless blouse
$100 shipped

Official page with detailed pics:
Brand new with tag.
Not even tried it on. Measured the bust and frustrated at the fact that it won't fit me.

AatP stripe border knee socks
$20 shipped worldwide

Brand new in packaging.


BtSSB Usakuma Hand Puppet
$50 shipped worldwide

Got two of them and selling one, brand new in package. extremely cute!

BtSSB OP in ivory
$125 shipped worldwide

Right now I have no idea where my measure tape is, will update the measurements as soon as I find it.
It fitted 42" bust so it fits a wide range. Fully shirred.
This OP is rather short-I'm 164cm tall and the bottom falls about 7cm above my knees.
Bought in used condition and just tried it on. Sadly it doesn't go well with me :(

It has a little stain on front skirt part.

+++Other items for sale+++
Korean Shopping Service

Innocent World Black JSK $130 shipped worldwide
Emily Temple Cute Cutsew $75 shipped
Offbrand Red Tartan Buckled Pumps $40 shipped worldwide
Black Maryjane Shoes $40 shipped worldwide

Innocent World Kitten JSK in white $106 shipped worldwide
Baby Red Gingham JSK and Tote $164 shipped worldwide
Offbrand white blouse $30 shipped

Innocent World Crown Ribbon JSK $125 shipped
Putumayo flower print bustier $30 shipped
Offbrand clothes under $35 shipped
Offbrand Heart Printed Socks $7 shipped
Offbrand Accessories
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