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!DS Baby the Stars Shine bright heart flocky ribbon jsk, BL bouse, socks

I ship from California, USA. Shipping is not included in the price, I do not charge paypal fees. I have pets, I don't let them jump all over my stuff but fur can fly so I will be sure to check for stray hairs. I have two poodles who don't shed, however my sister has cats and although they aren't allowed in my room, again fur does fly I'm allergic to cats so I try to keep their fur far away as possible. No one smokes in the house. I only accept paypal! Feel free to offer me a better offer, I am not selling these to make a profit, I'm only trying to make back what I spent on them and I never wore any of these items. My feedback page
Baby the Stars Shine Bright Heart Flocky Ribbon Jsk, like new condiion purchased from Yahoo Japan Auctions, I never wore it, it looks almost brand new, smells new. Measurements according to Hello lace are as follow: 90cm length, 86-96cm bust, 74-84cm waist. I never wore it, I only took it out of the plastic to look at it :/ I knew it would never fit. It has shirring but as you can see from the measurements some give but not a whole lot! It's a lovely off white chiffon with black velvety hearts. The fabric is not shiny like it looks from the flash. It would be good for a petite lolita or someone who doesn't mind a little bit of a shorter fit. $175.00 USD OBO
Next is a Bodyline black blouse I recently purchased from the community, didn't fit my bust, NWOT. $20 usd.Length 55cm
Bust 99cm
shoulder length 38cm
Waist 86cm
sleeve length 63cm
 Isn't shiny, it's a nice thick dark black cotton, I just wanted to get a close up of the lace
. Last are Bodyline knee high socks $4.00 usd, they're pink with a maroon (or burgunday) poodle I know it looks kinds of brown or black
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline
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