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WTB: Just about everything! (blouses, socks)

-ALL items must fit a 38" bust, 34" waist (98cm bust, 86cm waist). They can be larger, of course, and MAYBE an inch or so smaller since I don't mind a bit of a squeeze, but I'm a slightly larger girl and will only get depressed if you offer me something adorable I can't possibly fit into. D: For height reference, I'm 5'6" (168cm) tall, but unless an item is REALLY short it should be a non-issue.

-I prefer sellers within the US, but if you're an overseas seller I will definitely consider your stuff if you're willing to wait until I get my paycheck next week. :) Because of customs, I'd rather not buy anything overseas for over $100, especially because I don't want my items marked down on the package for liability reasons.

-I pay with Paypal, and that's my only current method of pay, so if you don't have an account, sorry.

-I'm not rich, and very likely never will be, so please don't post items (especially brand, which I know isn't cheap) that are priced really high if you're not willing to haggle. D:

-Other potential buyers, feel free to scope out this post if you see something you like that I'm not interested in, but please be courteous and don't jump on a seller without waiting to see if I'd like the item. That's just rude.

-My feedback is here! (all positive so far!)

Onto the items!

The first things I'm interested in are blouses, any brand (Anna House is my current fave but I'll look at all):

I should mention that I'll look at blouses in all colors, BTW, not just black/white. The reference pictures are just for an idea of my style. I wear lolita all across the board (sweet, classic, SOME gothic but not much), so when I say that I'll look at anything that'll fit, I MEAN it.

Next, I'm looking for solid-color socks, any brand (again, AH is love):

Socks should primarily be a single color; prints are fine, but I'm sort of picky about them. It's hard to coord printed socks sometimes, IMHO. Anyway, white, black, pink, sax, I'll look at all colors, knee-high and over-knee, but they MUST be able to fit larger legs. My calves are so manly. ;___;

For the last two, I don't have any pictures because Hellolace is down and I have no idea where to begin:

-Putumayo cutsews, preferably short-sleeved and in black and white. Of course, since I'm plus-sized, feel free to post anything that will actually fit me. :) Same goes for h.Naoto/Algonquins/Black Peace Now, but Putu's prints are definitely my favorite.

-ANYTHING Alice and the Pirates-related, that will actually fit me. The only item of theirs that I have is the Chain Bouquet triple-tiered skirt in blue/black, and everything else I've seen of theirs that has been posted is waaaaaaay too tiny for me (Vampire Requiem ;___;). Preferred colors are navy/ivory, but at this stage I'm so desperate for their prints that I'll look at anything.

Thanks, guys! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me! <3
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