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DS: Offbrand, Bodyline, Fan+Friend, Handmade; WTB: Plain black skirt

- I work on a first come, first serve basis.
- I accept paypal only, excluding e-cheques.
- I am willing to ship overseas, just ask me for a quote :)
- Insurance is not neccesarily included in shipping costs, so be sure to discuss that with me if needed.
- I do not charge extra for paypal fees, I will cover those myself :)
- I can usually post out items within 2-3 days of payment being received, but will always keep good contact with buyers if there is going to be a slight delay etc.

I have 100% positive feedback in the following places:

On the EGL Feedback community here

On Ebay (as mistress_of_nosgoth)

Please leave feedback for me in my EGL Feedback post, and let me know where I can leave feedback for you in return :)




Cake stud earrings



- Rectangle biscuit - 2 pairs available
- Rectangle chocolate biscuit - 2 pairs available
- Dark cake slice - 2 pairs available
- Light cake slice - 2 pairs available
- Pink heart cake - 2 pairs available
- Chocolate flower biscuit - 2 pairs available
- Flower biscuit - 2 pairs available
- Cream heart cake - 2 pairs available

£3 a pair, or 2 pairs for £5
P+P to UK £1 no matter how many pairs bought.
Overseas please ask :)


Bodyline Panda Hoodie


Brand new with tags! Not even tried on. I got this as a set with s skirt, and bought the set purely for the skirt - the hoodie is a little too sweet for my style, so I'd like to give it a new home :) Will come with original Bodyline packaging.

Would fit up to a UK size 12.

P+P to UK £3.50
Overseas please ask :)


Bunny-eared hoodie/sweater-dress

Front                                                                                    Back

This is really cute, and keeps you nice and warm! It comes with a cute little knitted bunny that can be pinned onto the sweater-dress wherever you like ^^ It has a nice big pocket at the front.

This has been worn a few times and kept in great condition.

Would fit a UK size 10-12, but it is worn quite loose so may even fit up to a size 14.

P+P to UK £4
Overseas please ask :)


Offbrand dark purple jacket - UK size 12

Front                                                     Back

Lining inside

Lovely dark purple jacket, very soft. Has 3 large buttons at the top.

This has only been worn once briefly, and is like new. Unfortunately it's a little too big on me and therefore doesn't look right so I am having to let it go.

P+P to UK £4.
Overseas please ask :)


Fan+Friend Black Long Bloomers - SOLD!

These have only been worn once or twice, but I have a few other pairs of bloomers so I'm having to cut down ^^

These fit me nicely with a 28" waist, but could probably stretch a little further and still be comfortable. They are in great condition.

P+P to UK: £1.50
Overseas please ask :)


DICE Purple handbag and matching purse

The set together for size comparison

Handbag                                                                                          Purse

These were an impulse buy that I was hoping to eventually use to finish off an aristocrat-style outfit I was putting together, but I still haven't got around to it and don't want these lovely accessories going to waste.

Please note, the purple is a bit darker than in the photos, as the flash made it show up lighter. If you need more pics, just ask ^^

Bag: £10 (RRP £22)
Purse: £5 (RRP £13)

P+P to UK £2
Overseas please ask :)


Offbrand strawberry earrings

Gold x red strawberry earrings, very cute. Never been worn; these were an unwanted gift as I don't actually have pierced ears as my auntie thought!

P+P to UK £1.
Overseas please ask :)


Dark Navy x White Customised Gloves

The gloves                                         Detail


A pair of dark navy gloves that I customised with white ribbon and mini pearls.
Only worn once.

P+P to UK: £1
Overseas please ask :)


Bodyline Black Removable Sleeves

These came with a top I bought, but I don't really like wearing the sleeves with it so thought someone else could find use for them ^^ They have a belt-like part at the top which you use to wear the sleeves, and have a spider-web design netting at the bottom that flares out slightly. Only tried on once.

Buckle detail                                                                                    Lace/netting detail

P+P to UK: £1
Overseas please ask :)


Lolita hair accessories

Front                                                    Back

1) Handmade Floral Headbow

£4 - SOLD!
P+P to UK £1.
Overseas please ask :)

2) Pink and black floral barrette

A pretty black x pink classic floral barrette/hair clip. Never worn - it was an impulse buy that I was never able to match to any of my clothing! xD

Brand new and in excellent condition.

P+P to UK £1.
Overseas please ask :)

3) Dark Blue Headbow


This is a very pretty headbow, with a subtle floral design on the fabric, and is a lovely, very dark shade of blue. Handmade by another Lolita.

Unfortunately headbows don't really suit me, so I'm having to part with it. It has only been tried on once and kept in excellent condition since.

P+P to UK £1
Overseas please ask :)


Various colourful, kawaii hair clips ^^

These clips have mostly never been used, and the odd ones that have were only used once or twice. They are in excellent condition.

Top row feautures metal hair clips, next row are soft hair clips and the last one is plastic.

40p per pair, or 3 pairs for £1.
(Plastic butterfly clip 30p or also included in 3 for £1 offer).
P+P to UK 80p no matter how many pairs bought.
Overseas please ask :)



A plain black skirt, no design or pattern just very basic and casual. Will look at brand, offbrand and handmade. Looking for something that will fit a 28" waist, and is a minimum of 19" in length.

Thanks for looking - please visit my journal for more great items! :)
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