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!DS ! DT and Commission ! Btssb Sundress, Bonnet, Bags; AP Bunny, Fruit Parlor

DS !

My feedback can be found here

*Paypal for international payment
* no holds
* Trades are ok, see my  
Big Wishlist here 
*shipping comes xtra- paypal fees included!
* prizes are in $ normally 
* you don´t like my prices? I am open for fair offers just ask! 
* please write down, where do you live, what do you want to have and if you need tracking or/ insurance during shipping.
I am not responsable for lost or damage shipment!!!
* in my house lives a chihuahua!

Item I want to sell or trade ! Please respect my wishlist for trades! I am open for ideas but respect if I say NO,THANK you !

Baby , the stars shine bright Sundress! sold

I love this dress but unfortunately it s too big and too long for me. It seems to be that Angelic Pretty fits better to me so I wish a AP Dress for it!

Bust  94 cm
Lenght incl  Lace 95
Waist approx 81

180 dollars shipped worldwide! No insurance inkl,
only tracking is included!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by


Image Hosted by

I am a young fashion designer and I am starting my business.

This items are up for sale but I am open for commissions also!  Just contact me and let me know what you need!

Item 4 und 5
Fruit Parlor Bags

40 dollars incl shipping worldwide
incl tracking no insurance!

There are 2 bags in stock but I am open for new ones! I can make the same one with pink background also!


23,5 cm x29 cm x 10 cm
hight of handles 18 cm

Image Hosted by
Item 6 Bunny Bag fitting to Angelic Pretty 

45 dollars incl shipping worldwide


approx 25,5 cm x 34,5 cm x 10 cm
High of handles approx 40 cm


Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Items 7 - 17 Hairclips Bows

100 % Wool incl Cashmere 
soft and high qualitiy 

Pastell colors
with glitter prints and kawaii decorations
one bow : 7 dollars 
 two bows 10 dollar 
3 bow 14 dollars
each bow more 3,50 
Length: approx 

lavender 10 cm
pink 8 cm

Image Hosted by

Example of closer view:

Do you need an other closer view?

1 see example
2 sold but open for commission!

9 sold but open for commission!

10 sold but open for commision!
Image Hosted by

used fallowing clips:

something like this

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