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WTB: burgundy/wine red items, suitcase-style bags, Lief Gardenberry skirt, AP gold socks

Hello ladies!

I am interested in buying: 

Some burgundy/wine red classical items,

preferably tops (blouses or boleros) or shoes

What I have in mind would be this sould out IW blouse:

blouse IW 2 

Or this IW Millefeuille Bolero:


The aim is to make a coordination in this style:


I'm also looking desperatly for those Victorian Maiden Shoes in size L: but since they are really rare, so show me any burgundy shoes you own, as soon as they fits the classical style!

*Sorry, I don't remember where I borrowed this pics, if it is yours, please tell me so i can credit you ;-)*


I also know that BtSSB released those boots in red/brugundy, so if you have them, size L, I'm really interested in those!

*Sorry, I don't remember where I borrowed this pics, if it is yours, please tell me so i can credit you ;-)*


And those adorable and collector heart shoes from Baby are totaly my style too!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Heart Ribbon Shoes (red)

I am also looking for Lief Gardenberry print,
preferably in black, and in skirt version (but show me everything from this serie anyway, I will have a look at it! ^^)


One of my last wish would be to find one of those adorable mini-suitcases!

valise trunk aatp 2010

This one is from AATP, but I will look at offbrand too, so don't hesitate to show me anything in this style ;-)

I am also looking for those
special edition socks from Angelic pretty:

AP socks

This is their calssic ballerina designs, but special edition in gold! I need to complete a coordination, so if you have a piece of this edition (special gold print event for Laforet, november 2010), tell me your price :-)


- I live in France, so please name your price including shipping to France ;-)
- I can pay immediatly by paypal
- I have 100% positive feedback here:
- If you are more interesting in trading (or partial trading, depending on the value of your item), I have a Victorian Maiden Corduroy bonnet, and a Prisila Wig here
- Please name your price while offering an item ;-)
- I will have a look at offbrand and vintage items too, as long as they are good quality products ;-) I would prefer not to commission something, sorry!
- my measurements:

waist: 62 cm
bust: 85/86 cm
shoes: size L

Those are my priority, for the moment, but I have a laaaarge wishlist, so if you have a dream item of mine, don't hesitate to propose it :-)
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