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DS: Closet cleaning! (Image Heavy!)

Important Info:

*Prices edited to more accurately reflect shipping costs


*All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home
*I am not accepting trades right now, sorry.
*I am not a professional! I do the best I can, but please keep that in mind and don't hate on the pictures and stuff.
*Priority goes those who leave paypal address first and who can pay full price. You may add a paypal address to an inquiry if I've forgotten vital information,  but the sale must be finalized within 24 hours or I will go to the "next in line."
*Shipping is included in the US (please keep this in mind), outside please ask. Insurance is extra, so if you want it let me know!
*I accept reasonable offers!
*Paypal only, sorry.

My little doggie will be my proof:

And now...on to the goodies! ^_^

BTSSB Babydoll JSK (Black) -- $130  SOLD
Condition: Very good! Only worn once by a model during a con (for about an hour-ish).
Bust: 35"-41" shirred in front and back
Waist: Free

IW Angel Land Skirt in Green(Long) -- $90
Condition: Very Good! I'm the second owner, only worn one to try it on. The only reason I'm not listing this as Like New is I don't know how many times the previous owner wore it.
Waist: 22"-29"
Length: 25"
Stock photos:


IW Ballerina OTK socks (GreenxCustard) -- $45
Condition: New w/o Tags (I have the tags, but I can't read Japanese...so I can't tell which tags go with which item! X-S)

IW Classical Rose OTK socks (BlackxDusty Rose) -- $30  SOLD
Condition: Like New, without tags. Only worn once for about an hour.

BTSSB Black Knee Socks w/Emblem -- $20
Condition: Like New. Only worn once for about an hour.

Offbrand Knee Socks (BlackxWhite) -- $15
Condition: Very Good! Only worn once for about 2 hrs.

Hair Accessories

Cyperous Long Wig  --  $60
Color is a reddish blonde.
Condition: Half-styled (Bangs are cut and it has a few curls in), and I don't have the patience to finish it. :-P Only tried on once.
EDIT: I have since straightened the curls using Cyperous' recommended method. I've added a picture to show what it looks like worn now.

"Styled" pictures:

Current Condition Worn:

Black Headbow -- $10
Condition: New. Only put on for the "worn" picture here!

(Just realized I forgot to put my dog in there...hopefully my sheets are enough proof. If you need a pic with the dog, let me know.)

Handmade (not by me) "Velvet" Headbow -- $10
Condition: Very Good. There is just a little stain on the bottom of the bow. I haven't tried to get it out. The bow can come off the headband to be pinned to the hair (this is how I wore it).


F21 Black Bow Pins (set of 2)-- $10
Condition: New. Only put on for the "worn" picture here.

Handmade (not by me) PinkxBlack Bows (set of 2) -- $15
Condition: New. Never even tried on!

Offbrand PinkxBlack Newsboy Cap -- $25
Condition: Good. Worn a few times, no stains.


Offbrand Crowns and Hearts Tote -- $20
Condition: NWT
L: 15.5"
W: 13.5"
D: 3/8"

Offbrand Cherry Bag -- $13
Condition: Like New
L: 9"
W: 7"
D: 2.5"
Details: This has 2 main compartments, exterior water bottle and cell phone pockets, and another pocket on the other side. I've found it very handy, but the black isn't my style.

Handmade Sachet Bags -- $10 each
I hand-crocheted these with crochet thread, so they are nice and soft. You may choose to have a white crocheted drawstring or a pink ribbon one. Please bear in mind that these are handmade, so some imperfections may exist.

L: 4"+.5" ruffle
W: 3 "


Handmade (not by me) Light Blue Bloomers -- $15  SOLD
Condition: Very Good! Only worn twice, always with tights underneath.
Waist: 26"-31"
Above-Knee: 14"-20"

Pink Kona Cotton Broadcloth 5.47 yds (197") -- $25 ($3.45/yd+shipping)
I'd really prefer to sell this all to the same person, if possible. :-)
Width: 42"

Pink Party Taffeta (107") -- $15 ($3/yd+shipping)
Nice fabric for lining! I'd prefer to sell this all to the same person.
Width: 38"

McCall's Apron Pattern (#2947) -- $15
Pattern for some very pretty aprons! Never used, unopened.

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