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Pre-Spring Cleaning!

  • 100% positive feedback as a seller and buyer can be found here at the feedback community!! (There are also links to my etsy and ebay feedback, and my journal's feedback post, all 100% positive.) When leaving feedback, please do so at the new feedback community. <3
  • First person to leave their paypal address (a commitment to buy the item) gets the item. However, priority is given to those willing to pay the full asking price.
  • Once invoice is sent, buyer must pay within 24 hours (unless you have specifically asked me for an exception prior to committing to purchase the item). Failure to pay in a timely manner may result in negative feedback.
  • I ship from CANADA
  • I don't smoke, and neither does anyone in my household. I don't have any pets.
  • All prices are in USD, and do not include shipping and PayPal fees. Please inquire for shipping charges. If you are from Canada, please provide your postal code, if you are from the USA please provide your state, and if you are from overseas please provide your country. ^_^

$350 USD shipped worldwide (if you are outside of Canada, tracking will cost extra)
Bust: 36 inches
Waist: 28 inches

Absolutely gorgeous, this is one of the rarer colourways. In fantastic condition. There is a small, grey-coloured mark (pencil, maybe?) on the inside of the velveteen collar, which is not visible when worn. Includes detachable waist-ties and second collar... warm and cozy for Fall and Winter. (Sorry that the stock pic is for the grey OP... I am selling the PINK!)

$60 shipped to US/Canada, $65 shipped worldwide
S size
Bust: 86 cm
Waist: 68 cm

Worn once for a meetup, in like-new condition. Great little dress for those who love Melty Chocolate, but aren't able to shell out hundreds. (^_^) Waist ties are NOT detachable. Please see
DOL listing for stock pics, etc.

$55 shipped to US/Canada, $60 shipped worldwide
M size
Bust: 86 cm (these are the official measurements, but I find it to be a bit larger)
Waist: 66 cm
(these are the official measurements, but I find it to be a bit larger)
Great for Winter or chilly early Spring. I think this blazer is kind of a steampunk-inspired lolita design- neat! :3 Only tried on, never worn out of the house (condition of the blazer itself is like-new, but I seem to have misplaced the owl brooch pictured in the stock pics!). It is too large for me. Please see Surface Spell listing for lots of detailed stock pics!

$55 shipped to US/Canada, $60 shipped worldwide
M size
Bust: 36 inches

No longer available on the Surface Spell website, but please see this jsk listing for some (admittedly not fantastic) stock pics... it is the shirt pictured under the JSK. Gorgeous, classic blouse with TONS of soft, beautiful lace.

$35 shipped to US/Canada, $40 shipped worldwide
M size
Bust: 34~36 inches

Nice, basic classic blouse in beige. Pearly buttons, and lacey collar and cuffs.

$25 shipped to US/Canada, $30 shipped worldwide
Bust: 36~38 inches

Semi-sheer, beautiful classic blouse. Could use an iron, but otherwise in good vintage condition. Tag read "Renuar Collection".

$90 shipped to US/Canada, prefer not to ship heavy items overseas!
LL Size
Worn once for a meetup (paired with the Melty Chocolate replica, above). Only signs of wear: one broken shoelace, pictured below (should be easily replaced), minor scuffing on inside of toe area (also pictured below), normal wear in ankle area (from light walking). Bow clips are removable.

$55 shipped to US/Canada, prefer not to ship heavy items overseas! These will be shipped in a padded envelope.
US Size 8
Well worn, but in great vintage condition. The photo does not do them justice- these are gorgeous boots, and I receive compliments on them whenever I wear them out. Real suede. They have safety-treads on the toes of the soles.

$50 shipped to US/Canada, prefer not to ship heavy items overseas! These will be shipped in a padded envelope.
Size 8
Amazing leather vintage pumps that I love to pair with classic loli outfits. Very little wear. Stamp on inner sole reads "Lady Brenda; Handmade".

(I have decided to reduce these previously-listed items by including US/Canada shipping in the price. By my calculations this constitutes at least a 20% reduction in the cost of all items (generally more), but if it's not kosher, please let me know, mods! I thought it would be easier since it would reduce the number of "how much is shipping to ___" posts that do not result in a sale. :3 )

$50 USD $50 USD shipped to the US/Canada
M Size
Waist: 24 to 27 in (partial shirring)

Worn once, in excellent like-new condition! My camera just wonked out on me, so I apologize for the lack of a proof picture. Mine did NOT come with the black sash/belt shown in the stock pic.

$20 USD $20 USD shipped to the US/Canada
Waist: 24 to 29 in (partial shirring... possibly could go larger, but I'm not sure)

I believe this skirt is an AP replica. I bought it from BL a while back thinking I'd try my hand at a sweeter outfit, but it doesn't really suit me. So this has been tried on once or twice in front of the mirror, but never worn out. In excellent condition, comes with detachable waist ties and ribbon brooch. Please see BL listing for more details.

$25 USD $25 USD shipped to the US/Canada
Beautiful purple and black cape, buttons at the neck. Great for classic! Sweet little rounded collar, violet lining. I used to wear this out in the evenings over a plain black Innocent World dress, and receive compliments wherever I went. Great memories! <3

Thanks for looking. ^^
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, bodyline, hmhm, offbrand
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