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DS: Skirts & Tops

READ BEFORE YOU BUY (Sorry it's so long!):</b>
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I AM CLEARING OUT EVERYTHING, because I'm going to Japan in March and staying for 6 months! Hooray! :)

A NOTE: PRIORITY WILL GO TO WHOEVER BUYS MORE THINGS. (however, this is time-sensitive).
<b>A&tP Halloween Cutsew - $90</b>
Bust: 34" waist:="Waist:" brand="Brand" with="with" i="I" tried="tried" it="it" but="but" i="I" worn="worn" it="it" since="since" so="so" so="so" decided="decided" to="to" sell="sell" src="" />
Alice & the Pirates Blouse #1 - $65 $43
Shipping (within the US): $7
Bust: 34"-36" (86-91 cm)
Waist: 28"-32" (71-81 cm)
Length: 22-23" (56-58 cm)
Length (sleeves): 23" (58 cm)
In excellent condition, except for a small orange spot on the back (pen dot?).

Emily Temple Cute Pink Heart Cardigan (berry pink) - $50 $35
Shipping (within the US): Around $6 (please ask for estimate)
In very good condition. The closer-up photo is more true to the color, which is berry-pink.
Angelic Pretty Chandelier SK (pink) - $150 $120
Add $4 if you live outside the US.
Shipping (within the US): $6-$12
Waist: 26"-30" (66-76 cm)
Length: 21" (53 cm)
In very good condition overall, but there is a yellow stain on the bow at the waist. I have shown it in my photos.

BTSSB Ornament SK - $80
Shipping (within the US): $6-$12
Waist: 22"-26"
Length: 21"
In excellent condition, but it is missing it's waist ties.
BTSSB Tartan SK (pinkXblack) - $90 $65
Add $1 to total if you live outside the US.
Shipping: $6-$12 ( please ask for estimate)
Waist: 24"-28"
Length: 18" to bottom of fabric, 20" to bottom of lace
In excellent condition.
Angelic Pretty Trump Purse - $70$40
Shipping (within the US): $6-$14
In very good condition. There are some small smudges on the surface of the front, as can be seen in the photo.

Jane Marple Swan Lake SK - $120
Waist: 24"-25"
Length: 21"
This is SO BEAUTIFUL, but I can barely breathe when I wear it. High-waisted, with incredibly high-quality fabric. Original cost was well over 20,000 yen.
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