annarawr (annarawr) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS/!DT ~ Angelic Pretty Sweets Dessert OP + headband <3

Hello! ^____^

Rules ~
- I accept only paypal
- Prices are in euros
- I ship from Finland to worldwide
- First person who leaves her paypal gets the item
- My feedback:
And because I'm pretty new in here and this is my first sales in here, I'm going to ship the item whenever the buyer wants (but please note the text below!). If you have something to ask, go ahead! n__n
Attention! I'm not home on 21.-27. this month (vacation), so if someone isn't quicq and buy (or trade with me) the dress before Friday evening, I can't ship it out on next week. I can hold the dress for that week if someone wants to. Buyer doesn't have to pay before I'm home. :) Thank you!

AP Sweets Dessert OP + headbow 120 € ON HOLD
Hello kitty will be my proof of owne
rship. :3

Dress from the front

Dress from the back


If you have something you want to trade it for, go ahead and tell me! ^___^
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty
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