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DS- R-series Dawn Elegy Blouse & Rose Mask Brooch + IW Puppy Skirt

Hello guys~!
Please note that shipping is not included in the price.
I'll absorb the paypal fees myself, but if you are willing to sent it as a personal payment, I'd be grateful. ^o^
My feedback is here :

R-Series Dawn Elegy Blouse $50

I literally just received it yesterday after a 3,5 month wait. .___.
Seriously, R-Series takes way too long to produce things. >w<
Anyway, I'm not really a blouse person, so I'm selling it again.
Here is the Qutieland page with more specs and some stock images :

Measurements :
It was made for my 70 cm waist and 80 cm bust, but it can accomodate larger sizes.
I would say maximum is ~75 cm for the waist and ~90 for the bust.

My own photos :
Blouse front :
Blouse front :
Blouse cuff detail :
Blouse lace detail :
Blouse neck detail :
Small stains on the back of the cuff (arrived in this state) :

The neck ribbon is a really nice bordeaux velveteen and the buttons match the colour nicely.
The cotton is very light and airy, so it might be a little sheer.
It's probably really nice in the summer, but please do not wear any black/dark coloured intimates underneath it. It will show. xD

R-Series Rose Mask Brooch $30

This brooch is lovely and I'm really sad to sell it, but it arrived to me without a back clip on the mask charm. ;A;
I'm not the crafty type, but I figure it could be fixed easily with some hot glue and a clip.
The rose is quite big and the pearls and charms are adorable.
The feathers are a bit loose though.
You can fasten the brooch with an alligator clip on the back of the rose, really convenient !
Qutieland doesn't stock this, so have the Taobao page instead :
In case you were wondering, I paid $35 excluding shipping for this with all the SS fees and whatnot.

Brooch :
Brooch rose detail :
Brooch detail pearls + mask :
Mask charm back (missing clip spot) :

Link to old sale (IW Puppy Skirt) and wtb :

Please don't hesitate to ask any additional questions. <3
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