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DS/DT: Damsel in this dress Corset

Hello lovely ladies!

-I have never worn it, only tried on
- I only accept PayPal
-I live in a  smoke free home. I do have cats, but the stay away from my clothes
- The reason I am selling this is because it doesn't fit me (I can't breathe in it ¬¬)
- My feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1008202.html
- Shipping is not included. Please name your country in orde to be able to caculate shipping rates. I will ship in an evelope, tightly closed and secured.

This is the stock image of my corset:


On theire site they claim this corset will fit a 24 to 26 waist, to mesure it you shall:
"CAREFULLY MEASURE YOUR WAIST AT ITS VERY SMALLEST POINT, USUALLY A LITTLE ABOVE THE BELLY BUTTON, AND HOLD THE MEASURING TAPE SUPER TIGHTLY!". I mesured TOO tightly, the corset fits but I can't breath in it. I really hope it can go to a home where it will get the love it deserves, here it only sits in my closet.
I wuld like to get 100 USD for it.

I am open to trades. I will look at any burando that will fit me:  79 cm/31 inch waist, 95 cm/ 37.5 inch bust.

Feel free to ask any questions! Thank you very much for looking, have a wonderful day! :D
Tags: offbrand
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