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DS: Btssb Replica Purse, AP bloomers, Star Cookie Clips!

Shopping Directions + Thread Rules

♬ Items are being shipped from USA, 37130. ♬
♬ Shipping is calculated by weight and use of protective materials If you are an international buyer please let me know before you offer!
♬ I have plenty of positive feedback ♬

☆ Please remember that the listed price does not include your shipping or PayPal fees.☆

If there are more than one person interested in an item -- person who can offer most + pay will get it (This only applies BEFORE the sale is made -- I can't believe I have to stress this... ಠ_ಠ! ...)

*added* Due to there being moderated posts, most of the time they're not approved until after I'm asleep. That being the case, Item goes to the person who is communicating while I'm awake. I don't do first person who asks about the item gets it, because then I'll never be able to sell anything at all! If you want the item 100% and not backing out, please post your paypal address!!! I hope you guys understand. :(

Please Use this form:

LJ Username:

I don't know when the moderators will post this, so please use that form so I know if you're interested in buying!!

Unless I have a DT specifically up -- I am NOT looking to trade. At all.

☆ Please tell me where you are located before you post so I can calculate your shipping!!! Thankyou! (unless it is already listed!) ☆

♬ I Only accept Payments by Paypal ~ sorry no Echecks at this time!!! ♬

BTSSB Replica Purse with Added details

My Price: $36.00 + 7 dollars shipping USA // quote for international
Condition: Like New ~ added details

sold to user larajavyjil

This purse is so cute! Sadly, I no longer have anything to wear it with! I'd like to mention that I've added a few modifications! 1st. I've added crystals and pearls to the front of the clock pouchette ~ 2nd. I've added an extra hole via a leather punch at the bottom of the strap to allow for extra length. It was very very short, when I first got this, so added the hole lets for it to be comfortably strewn across the chest!

Angelic Pretty Ruffle-Butt bloomers

Asking: $35 + 6$ shipping USA. // quote for shipping international
Condition: Used, but clean -- no stains :)

I've had these bloomers for pretty much forever. They're extremely comfortable -- fully shirred along the waist and the bottom by the lace. There were some 'rough' areas where I've re-inforced the stitching --- but it is not visible at all from the outside, and not really visible from the inside. All in all, they still have a LOT of life in them. The shirring on the waist can go to 40inches -- however, I'd suggest not going past that. :) If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask!

Cookie Star pin/clips

My Price: $8 + 3.50$ shipping USA// Quote for international shipping

Condition: New

These cookie star clips are adorable -- they're made with the backings like on the chocomint ones, so they can be worn either in your hair or on your clothes -- they have a small dangle of pearls with a cute heart charm on the end. I had a lot of requests for these, but sadly did not have the materials at the time to make them -- but I was able to find some recently -- so there are only 4 left for sale for a long while till I can find some more~! Don't miss out! :D

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, handmade
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