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WTB: Please help me find some black / white things! (JSK/shoe clips/wrist-cuffs/sockstoppers/blouse)


My feedback is here: 


Please help me find some things!

My measurements are
Bust: 94 cm
Underbust: 79 cm
Waist: 73 cm
Shoulder: 37 cm

Brand and off-brand is fine!

- a solid black JSK – nothing to plain, but without print
For example: AatP Chandelier Flocky, Rose Melody Rose Aroma etc.

- a black bag - for classic or gothic

- a black long (min. 105 cm) tull skirt

 - a friend of mine is searching for black shoe clips ( I’ll have to show them to her, so the answer won’t come as fast as usual)      Found, thank you.


And I’m still searching for the following things:

- Black Wrist-Cuffs

- Black Sockstoppers       Found, thank you

- A black or white, longsleeved (!min. 65 cm / 25,5 inch long!) blouse with a high collar for EGA or with a normal collar with jabot. Just show me what you have.


My sales are here: http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/13789321.html

There is still a pair of IW socks, a off-brand korsett and an Baby the stars shine bright Candy-Ring!


Thanks for looking!


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