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DS: 3 pair of shoes (ribbon shoes, tea party shoes) & one adorable cutsew!

Please read this before you decide to purchase anything:
- I only accept payments by PayPal or European bank transfer.
- Prices are in Swedish Kronor (SEK).
- Shipping is not included in the price, ask for shipping estimate.
- No holds, no trades, no returns
- I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged goods. If you're worried this might happen I suggest you pick shipping with tracking and insurance.
- Payment must be made within 24 hours, otherwise the item will go to the next person in line.
- Please DO NOT comment unless you are seriously interested in purchasing.
- I try to ship as soon as possible, but please allow up to one week just in case.
- I'm a cat owner, so if you're very allergic - please be aware.

My feedback can be found here and here.

Angelic Pretty Tea Party shoes
Size M (23~23.5), sax. Used only a few short times, they are in very good condition! The only flaw is a tiny mark, see picture below.
1000 SEK or make an offer!

Minor marking

Emily Temple cute Ribbon shoes
Gold metallic, size 23½
Used only once or twice, only sign of wear is on the sole and some on the insole. They look pretty much new!


Emily Temple cute Ribbon shoes
Brown metallic, size 23½
Used only a few times, only sign of wear is on the sole and some on the insole. Good condition!


Emily Temple cute cutsew
Only tried on, so as good as new!
450 SEK

If you are uncertain what the prices are in your currency, please use, for example.

I also have lowered prices on two pony appliqué berets and a Carnival OP here.
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