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DS: AP Rare Dresses Set

★ First person to commit to purchase/leave paypal + pays asking price gets piority
★ I only post via Registered Post - will not ship via normal airmail.
I am not responsible for any parcels once I hand them over to the postal system.
★ I accept paypal payments only but I don't accept cc-paypal payments (ie. credit card related.)
★ Measurements are amatuer but I do my best.
★ I prefer buyers with feedback.
(I have the right to refuse a sale if I am uncomfortable with shipping to the potential buyer.)

★ No trades / Partial Trades /  I apologise but I'm not accepting payment plans at the moment.

Feedback there. Old Feedback screencapped by a mod: Here. And Here.

Angelic Pretty - Country Sweets Jsk + Tie On Headbow Set [Black]

Price: 320 USD Shipped Worldwide.

1 | 2

A part of the trimming is fraying in photo 2.
Is missing it's orginal corsetting ribbon at the back - recieved like this.
There are no flaws with the tie-on headbow. Picture 1 is the back of the bow + jsk.
It is a bit longer then AP's recent releases.

Bust: ~80cm - 88 cm
Waist: ~68cm - 74cm
Length: ~89cm

Angelic Pretty - Sugary Carnival Jsk + Headbow + Socks Set [Black]

540 USD Shipped Worldwide.

I orginally wanted to sell it but didn't. I was still very attached to it - it still meant alot to me
....but after giving it alot of thought and alot of coaxing before I'm finally able to let it go and list it.
Socks have minor pilling but the jsk and headbow are in like-new condition.

Bust: ~80-88 cm
Waist: ~68cm - 75cm
Length: ~84.5cm + 3cm lace

★ ★ ★

I will not split the sets under any circumstances.

When leaving a PM: PLEASE COMMENT here saying something like "I'll leave my details in a PM" if you are worried about privacy so I know what time you left the details. Without that I can't determine your piority.

I usually ship the next day after payment - *exception public holidays and weekends.
At the most I won't take more then two days* to ship out your item.

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