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DS: IW OP, IW hat, BtSSB wristcuffs, Ophanim broach

 Rules of the Sale
-US buyers preferred
-All prices are in USD & include PP fees
-Domestic shipping is stated with the items. For alternate shipping, please inquire.
-Insurance is optional on all items unless noted; please inquire
-International buyers please inquire about shipping
-Priority for the sale will go to whoever posts their Paypal email first for the specified price
-All items are OBO, but I retain the right to refuse any offer

Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/869173.html

Innocent World floral full-shirred OP 
$170 shipped via USPS Priority Mail

Bottom lace    Fabric/print detail   Tag

- Fits comfortably up to at least B:42" W:36" with room to spare
- Worn several times by original owner, only tried on by me
- In great condition (regular wash & wear). No noticeable defects. 
-Fully Lined
- Has back waist ties

IW off-white hat
$50 shipped via priority mail

Combs    Tag    Spot

- Bought second hand, only tried on
- Has combs inside to help keep it in place
- Small spot on inside. Not noticeable when worn.

BtSSB wrist cuffs
$25 shipped USPS First Class


- Old school style (tighten/loosen with ribbons. not elastic)
- Lace in perfect condition. No noticeable defects/discolorations
- More of an antique white color

Ophanim Broach
$7 shipped via USPS First Class

Larger image

- Received in classic lucky pack
- Perfect condition, never used

Also, my Metamorphose Toybox JSK is still available on Clothing-Drop 
(I was told by @eglmods that this was ok to put here)

Tags: !ds, *plus size, innocent world, offbrand
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