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Closet Cleaning

* Basic shipping is included in the price. Tracking and insurance will cost extra.
* I reserve the right to refuse a sale to someone with negative feedback
* My feedback can be found here:
* I am open for trades for other dresses, black, white, brown or pink shoes, boleros, cardigans, blouses, bags, hair accessories and wigs in any colors.
* Wishlist can be found here:
, will look at other prints or embroidery from Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Alice and the Pirates, might look at meta and baby as well ^^ I'm ok with plain dresses for the IW Crown Embroidery JSK :)
* I also have a Church gate skirt here:
*Prices will be cheaper if you send the payment as a gift or using bank transfer.

Item 1
Fanplusfriend Gothic Lolita Scholarly Sweet Navy Dress

Worn 2-3 times. Selling because I'm not using it anymore. The zipper is rather slow but other than that it's in flawless condition.
Recommended for Taller lolis
Bodice close up
Lace details
Price: 525 SEK
Bust 80-90 cm
Waist 60-70 cm
Can go larger but you'll have a hard time zipping it up.

Item 2
Innocent World White x Black Embroidery

Worn a lot but is in good condition although the embroidery at the bottom is getting frayed. Please look at the thrid picture for reference
Larger picture
Close up of embroidery
Frayed embroidery
Bust 80-94 cm
Waist 60-74 cm

Item 3
Angelic Pretty Rose Toilette

Worn a few times, selling/trading because I don't feel comfortable in red. Doesn't come with waist ties. I need to buy new ribbons for the back for the corset lacing as I lost them when I moved back home. Alternatively I'll send the dress without it and pay the cost for it.
Another shot
Lace detail
Close up of print
Price: I'd prefer to trade this for another dress or selling for 2250 SEK
Bust 90-98 cm
Waist 70-80 cm

Item 4
Innocent World Crown Embroidery Long Version

Worn a handful of times. In great condition ^^
Price: I'd like to trade it for another dress or sell it for 1650 SEK/$245
Bust 78-94 cm
Waist 58-74 cm
It could possibly fit larger but it would pretty much be impossible to zip.

Thanks for looking ^^

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, any brand, fanplusfriend, innocent world
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